The Cemetary….. part 2

ANGEL PHOEBE:  Oh no…the Cougars are stuck in time.  I must tell Kit and maybe she can help them.                                                            

KIT: Angel Phoebe!!  It’s so good to see you.  What are you doing here?  ANGEL PHOEBE: I watch over you gals and the other girls are in trouble. They’re at the cemetery, stuck in time. We must help them. KIT: But what can we do?  Sasha is here too but, but…

ANGEL PHOEBE:  Kali and I were looking into security when I left for the bridge.  I’ll check her Princess Bed and see if she found anyone.  What’s this?                                                       

ANGEL PHOEBE: Looks like Kali continued looking into security services and found someone. I guess she felt something was going to happen. Look, Kit this service has a golden paw. They only give a golden paw when the company is the best!

KIT:  C’mon Buddy….we need you.  POP:  Here I is ladies, what’s messing your furs?                                                         

SASHA:  Our Cougar sisters are caught in the cemetery and seem stuck….can you help them?
BUDDY:  See da card…impawsible missions be my game, ladies.  Fear done be my weapon, aha, aha, aha.  Where’s Cougar Kali?  KIT:  She’s one of the Cougars stuck in time.  BUDDY:  Kali be my goilfriend so I must save them now.

Buddy approaches the cemetery to find the ladies still stuck.  Why are you gals still stuck, Buddy, mutters to himself.  Hey, what da time on Binga’s watch?  She never turneded her watch back an hour….I sees!  They’s all stuck between time.  Angel Phoebe:  Just turn all their watches back an hour Buddy and they should come out of the freeze  Buddy turns each watch back an hour and as he is finishing there is a bright light and *POOF*.  The ladies start chattering when they see Buddy.  LILY OLIVIA:  You saved us from a lifetime of being caught between now and then.

Ladies you are in gud, gud, gud shape!  Me so happy to help yous.

Kali, Lily Olivia, Binga, Binky, Ali, Madi, Amber, and Allie come dragging through the clubhouse door.  A tearful reunion ensues with much hugging.

KALI:  Buddy, we had a talk and would like you to provide security for the Crotchety Cougars always.  Are you 15 though?  BUDDY:  Yep, I’s 15 and will be 16 on Jan. 31st.  BINKY:   Will you join us then and become our protector?

Dis is so gud, gud, gud… made mes da happiest Blue Russian today.  I would love to be with you ladies and protects ya all.  PURRR!                                                  



17 thoughts on “The Cemetary….. part 2

  1. BionicBasil

    Thank goodness Buddy knew what to do, thanks Buddy!!!
    I didn’t want to be stuck in ‘no-time’ furever I’ve got books to review and my library needs me, the books start to get a little edgy if I leave them fur too long! MOL
    Big hugs
    Cougar Amber
    Proud to be Crotchety!


  2. kittiesblue

    Oh, Buddy Budd, you are our hero! We had no idea how we were going to get back to the clubhouse or home again. Thank you so much for agreeing to be our protector! Big hugs, Lily Olivia


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      We did it! Thanks to Buddy….no more stuck in the stinky cemetery. We won’t have to worry about little kitties running up and trying to grab our hats. Buddy will make sure no one touches us…unless we want them to.

      Almost happy,



    2. The Canadian Cats Post author

      It was a close call Lily Olivia but we got back to the clubhouse. Thank goodness Buddy knew what was happening. I somehow get the opinion that the time change was a surprise to him too.. mol



  3. NylabluesMum

    Mee deerest Phoebe gurl it iss luvley to see you here on thee Coo-gurr’ss bloggie.Mee misses you still beery berry much an mee luvss to see you inn mee dreemss.
    An Buddy Budd yur a geeneuss!! Mee wood nevurr thott of thee watchess an time at all.
    Fankss fur beein a lifesaver Buddy Budd! An CONKATSS on beein thee coo-gurrss new purrtector! Yur thee MANKAT!
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=
    Pee S: We are so-o reelieved yur all home gurlss an Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Buddy Budd

    Hey gals! Ah so gladz ah be-in ablez ta move ya offa dat time stickin. Whut a skeery ting ya all had goin on. Kali mah sweet ah so glad ta be helpin. From nowz on ah be round ta helper fur sure.
    You all turnin awayz while I smootch Kali
    Thanky Thanks ta all da Cougars givin Buddy Budd a nice place to come and hang wit fun elderz.
    Yer Bloo
    Buddy Budd COP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      You got that right. Buddy will be one of those old fashioned male cats that honour and respect lady cats. Remeber how we used to be treated…well, Buddy will make sure we’re treated well once again. No deadbeats wanderin’ in lookin’ for those awesome Crotchety Cougars. hehe


      Liked by 1 person


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