The Draw Has Been…well….Drawn!

Well, here we are about to choose the winners for The Crotchety Cougars mouse pad.

Good luck to all the participants.                                          

Dad randomly chose the winners.

The visitor winner is TA DA…Crystal Stewart
The Cougar winner is Ta Da… Madi

Congratulations ladies. Mom will contact the winners by e-mail and have your mouse pads sent out right away. Maybe later today.

15 thoughts on “The Draw Has Been…well….Drawn!

  1. cecilia07

    WooHoo can you hear us clapping.. OMCs this is very nice of you!. Mom will happily display our new mousy pad.
    Thank you
    Hugs madi proud to be not too crotchety today.


  2. BionicBasil

    Many congrats to the winners, so sorry I didn’t get chance to enter only the P.A. came down with the flu last week and today is the first time I’ve got to visit!


    Amber xox



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