Fiji Rocks Pt3

BUDDY:  Kali, Kali let me in or I’ll, I’ll smash this door in.  *Kali opens the door while yawning*  What’s the problem Buddy Boo?  BUDDY:  Kali I’ve been banging on za door for a long time, I tot you were sick or somethin’.  Oh no my man, I just sleep very soundly.                                       

BUDDY:  The Cougars are out on da beach and in the cabanas.  They’ve met some hunky looking boycats and are mewing like kittens.


Before we get too carried away let’s get a memory photo taken of all of us.

BINGA:  C’mon Kali let’s get this done, Binky and I have some ruff and tuff looking boycats fetching us some nipitoonals.  The drink of Fiji.

Everybody just make sure you have your sunscream on and forget the hats and glasses.                                    

 *sigh*  No one listens to me.  Buddy has glasses on and there are a couple of Cougars with hats on.

ALLIE:  Mother of Mouses this is a crowded beach and we’re all talking at once.

Go Cougars, spread your happiness about the island.  See you back at the hut at 5pm and we’ll go out for dinner. 

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About The Canadian Cats

I have been married for like AGES and AGES according to Shoko. A whole 47 years. Shoko is my only young'un. Bill and I have lived in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada for 34 years. Gardening is my passion and also Shoko's passion. Bill's passion is being included as a member of Shoko's family.

18 thoughts on “Fiji Rocks Pt3

  1. BionicBasil

    Ladies and Buddy, like OMC what a pawty!
    Amber did her post today remotely from Fiji showing that mew were all about to go on some supurr fancy smancy yacht cruising about, next time we want to come with!!! MOL
    Big hugs
    Basil & CO xo


  2. Buddy Budd

    Kali lemmee tellz ya our Dad wood lovin comin ta Fiji’z. Too.
    Da wevver so nicer ah gonna be on dat beachez all dayz an nite too’z.
    Lez hava nipitoonals or tree er foe even. Wonder iffin dem rough boyz needa lesson in wrasslin?
    Purrs frenz
    Buddy Budd da protecterz uf da galz



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