Fiji, You Blew Us Away

This is a gorgeous beach, Amber.  However, did you find it? 

AMBER:  Well, I was going for a walk with Madi following these cute cabana boycats and we stumbled over it.  I love the sand and I never used them to go potty either. hehe  Anyway, we forgot all about the cabana boycats and grabbed some loungers.                                          

MADI:  You see that yacht out there, well these boycats  got in a dingy and came to the beach and talked with us.  You should see those dudes, Kali.  The big one has fur that just won’t quit and those golden eyes…mew, mew, mew !   They asked us out to the yacht but we were unsure of getting into a situation we might have to swim away from.                                               Ladies I’m off to spend some quality time with Buddy.  Remember we’re dining at 6pm tonight at the Treat Garden so wear something fancy.

Hey Buddy you want to play “tiddly cats”.  All we have to do is flick these plastic cats into a glass.  Wait till I finish off my Cider nip wine.                                     

BUDDY:  Heys. that sounds like goood, good fun.  I like it here with just the twos of us.  Me too Buds…our quality time.

Time to get dressed for our dinner Buddy.  What’s that on the radio?  “Winds are picking up  as Hurricane Simba heads for the island.”

AMBER:  Hey, I feel like a kid sitting so low at the table.  Don’t they have any more grown-up chairs….high chairs even.                                          

MADI:  Buddy, Kali everyone’s looking at you two.

Good we’ll give them something to remember. hehe  Binky, what happened to your head furs?  You look like a native. 

BINKY:  The humidity is working on my furs….I feel silly.  Peeps are pointing at me.

BUDDY: We best get out soon before they announce the last plane is leaving.  C’mon ladies are y’all packed up?

ALI:  Yep, Sarabi, Sasha and Binga ordered room service and did the packing so let’s get rolling.  I just spoke with Sasha on the cell phone, they’re headed to the front door where we can pick them up and the luggage.                               

Look at the beach….it’s gone and the waves….jeesh!  Hope the plane leaves and isn’t grounded.

BUDDY:  Time to think positive ladies…everything will be good, good, good.                                        

BINKY:  Yahoo!  We made it.  Did the captain say this is the last plane leaving Fiji?

BINGA:  He sure did Binky.

CAPTAIN:  We have left the worst area for winds, the rest of the trip should be bumpy so keep those seat belt’s fastened.


Look’s like we did it girly girls.  Ali and Allie are going to make their flight to Egypt in the morning with Cat Scouts, yep fur sure.  That was a trill and a half.

Let’s rest up for a wee while girls.  I know what they mean now by needing a rest after a holiday.  What an experience!




10 thoughts on “Fiji, You Blew Us Away

  1. Buddy Budd

    Oh myz dis wazza fun fun fun timer. Da beaches waz so nice an ah caint beliver that them beach fellaz wanted Buddy Budd ta teacher dem wrasslin an whakin mooves. Guess werking in dat whiter houz waz worth while. Oh dat waz not da White Houz, it was a whiter houz den da otherz on da blok. Hadda rich cat dat givvin me a tiket ta ridez frum gud ol Russia’r. Goodnez mah brain wanderz. Kali we showed the gals sumptin at dinnerz Woo-Eee yoo makin mah heart pita-pat pita-pat jus sittin on diz bumpy planer. Be calm ladiez an napper. Ah wakin ya up when git home
    Yer Bloo Protecterz
    Buddy Budd


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      She sure got about and what a fine trip the Egypt trip was. Shoko told me about the exhibits in the museum….awesome. She said you and Mau did a great job presenting them. I of course, knew you would be awesome cause you’re a crotchety cougar…ya!

      Cougar Kali


  2. NylabluesMum

    Mee-you that storm cam uppy quiklee!! mee iss reelieved yur all on yur way home. Buddy Budd you did a pawsum job takin care of thee LadyKatss.
    Come home soon…
    ❤ LUV ❤ Cuss-inn Dharth Henry ❤


  3. BionicBasil

    Hiya ladies and Buddy, oh great news Amber is on her way home, we can plan that little intervention and Parsley says she owes him £350.02p fur the heating bill in the library!!! MOL

    We’re so glad mew had such a fab time and we’re sure Amber will be wanting another trip by the end of next week if mew can organise something on short notice???? MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox



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