Kali”s At The Rainbow Bridge

Kali’s mom here girls and Buddy.  Kali had a smooth and quick transition this afternoon.  She was laying in my lap when she passed.  It was a very peaceful scene.                                                                                                                                                                      

A few words from Kali’s boyfriend, Buddy Budd.A very difficult day for the household. We shall say more when we’re more settled.

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About The Canadian Cats

I have been married for like AGES and AGES according to Shoko. A whole 45 years. Shoko and Kali are my only young'uns. We have lived in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada for 34 years. Gardening is my passion and also Shoko's passion. Kali is more of the thinker and quieter than Shoko. These posts are excerpts of Shoko's and Kali's interactions with their daily activities and surroundings.

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