Cougars Honour Kali’s Memory

SARABI:  I’ve been wondering what we can do to honour Kali.  She wasn’t a big nipitoona drinker but she loved beauty treatments so let’s all paint our nails to honor Kali.                              

A bright red Candy Apple colour would be eye-popping. mol

AMBER: No, not for me. I noticed some wayward whiskers I could get plucked.  Binky do you think you can pluck them?                                            

BINKY: No problem, Amber. Kali must have tweezers around here. You want me to pull them out now? OK. we’ll wait. I need a soothing facial. My face furs are standing on end and are so dry with this cold and snow we’ve been having.

Ali, have you done this before? You look like you don’t know what to do. Besides my ears are sticking up through the towel.

ALI: Your ears are supposed to stick through the towel, Binky. You don’t want me to bend them, do you?  Of course, I’ve given many a kitty a facial.  It’s old hat to me.

AMBER: OK, you can pluck them now Binky.  Geez…hisssss….that hurts like the dickens!  Are you some kind of sadistic mother of a catfish?

BINKY:  They’re not coming out Amber.  I’m just curling them.  They do give you a certain flair…..haha….actually you look different.  Unique is the word.  Do you want me to get Kali’s straightening iron so we can get them straight again?

AMBER:  Let’s leave them.  I don’t want you burning my face next.  You’re a hazard with tweezers never mind a straightening iron.


SASHA:  What the..Look it’s Phoebe!                                

ANGEL PHOEBE: Hey Cougars….you’re lookin’ good. Whatcha doing here, Binga?

BINGA: We’re trying to honour Kali with a spa day but this is complicated. I think we’re just making a mess.

ANGEL PHOEBE: Kali saw you ladies working away and was deeply touched. She would’ve come herself but Lily Olivia and Kit are telling her how to look after her wings and how to shine her halo. Lily O and Kit shine the halo up differently so there is a bit of a debate on which way is the best.  Kali will be occupied for a wee while.  See you ladies in a few days as myself, Kali, Lily Olivia, Kit and Ellie will be visiting you occasionally.                                            

ALLIE:   Woohoo!  We’ll be the ole gang again. Thanks for stopping by Angel Phoebe we will love to see everyone again.  Buddy, you look unhappy.  What’s the problem?                                      

BUDDY:  I nos Iz’s not a Cougar but I want to honour my Kali too.  I have a big ole hairs growing out of a wee mole on my tumsy.  I want to get rid of it but after watching Amber and how much it hurt for the whiskery to be pulled on by tweezers, I want another way to get it out, out, out of here.

ALLIE:  That’s no problem Buddy.  We’ll wax it right out of there.                                 

BUDDY: It feels ewws, odd. Sorta like somethings growing on the hair, what with the cloth on it.

ALLIE: Are you ready Buddy?

BUDDY: Ready for *rip* whattttt…hissss! Never mind the canoli….give me the gun! Good grief Allie, that hurts like a herd of bees stunged me.

ALLIE: The hair’s gone Buddy. Oh dear, so is all the fur around the mole.  The mole is still there though.

BINKY:  *Removes the cucumber slices and towel. *  Look, I’m ravishing!  I smell good too.  I’d like to do this again except have a hot oil treatment for the furs next time.

AMBER:  Perhaps we should leave any further beauty efforts while we still have fur and faces.Kali, we respect you even more after trying some of these beauty ideas.


16 thoughts on “Cougars Honour Kali’s Memory

  1. Buddy Budd

    Hoo Kat dat waxin be painfur! Gotta admitz dat havvin dat hairz goner iz much betta.
    An ah so happiez ta honor Kali mah dear sweet
    Gals ah be round ta be da COP cuauz datz whut ah do
    Purrs frenz
    Yer Bloo Buddy
    Buddy Budd

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      So true Kosmo, she liked to dress up and look her best. That’s hard work though. It’s much easier to sit back and have untidy furs. Kali wouldn’t hear of it though. She did make sure we looked pretty good.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 15andmeowing

    You lovely ladies and Buddy too , all did a fantstic job of honoring Kali. Poor Buddy, I know that wax pain well from getting my eyebrows ( and moustache) waxed. XO


  3. NylabluesMum

    Mew mew mew Coo-gurr gurlss yre all beeuteefull….purrfect an not need speshell werk dun! Cuss-inn Kali will appurrciate youss’ havin a Spa Day tho’. An seein mee Angel Purrincess PHOEBE made mee happysad……
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx


  4. kittiesblue

    Maybe a different plan should be devised to honor Kali. How about a nice tea party? I can get my brother Mau to make a cake and some petit fours in his Cat Scout Bake Shop. Just let me know. I am so happy to be back on the sidebar with you. That is one of Mom’s favorite photos. It is purrfect! is there a party here tomorrow for Madi’s 16th birthday? Whether there is or not, I’ll have a cake standing by. It’s nice to have a group of Crotchety Angels, but we sure miss everybody. Love to all, Lily Olivia 💝



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