Hey Cougars! Let’s plan a road trip for Madi’s birthday! She will finally have her license so she can drive.


Hmmm…I have my own agenda, please.Amber3a Can we listen to books on tape? I am a little behind on my reviews.


Hey, we’re the Cougars and this is who we are and what we do.


You’re right, we’ve still got a pulse ladies ( and Buddy).


I hope Buddy doesn’t get panic attacks and heightened anxiety while he is in the car-maybe we should spray it with Feliway.



Maybe we will get lots of attention  from people passing us by. Lots of chances for selfies with the birthday girl.

00Elder Buddy

Maybe we can find a bar that serves chocolate milk-just saying. I think the trip will be amazing and fun.

sarabi crotchety cougar 2

Hey! Where are we going?

Alihat1 Does anyone have a car?

smallRoad Trip Funny you should ask , look what my peeps just got me for my sweet 16.  Buckle up everyone!

binkya I need to use the litter box.

MadiJune 25 050.jpgjuly 6 Are you kidding Binky, we’ve only gone a mile?

Sasha1 I could go for a burger, anyone else hungry?

Blue Tail Buddy GEDC7187 I can haz cheezeburger and I still wants the chocolate milk.

TO be continued—- Happy Birthday Madi!! We love you.

Special Thanks to Joan, Mom of Sasha for writing this post.






7 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP!

  1. Buddy Budd

    Dar biggezt 16th Biffdayz is one grreat eventer. Madi ah lovin ya an will be gittin yoo a cheezyburger too. Gals ah not too too skery uf da carz. Just had mah 18th chekin up an it waz gug gud gud. Carz makin me happiez now
    Yer COP
    Buddy Budd


  2. Madi and Mom

    Oh what a fun trip with all my proud Crotchety Cougar Gal Pals. MOM had a chuckle as it sounds conversations heard in their car when they are on a road trip. Mom usually drinks too much coffee before the leave. She is always on the look out for a ‘rest stop ahead’ sign and she gets the munchies too.
    Thank you mom of Sasha for the post
    Proud to be crotchety Madi


  3. dorysbackyard

    MOL…Looks like this is going to be a pawsome road trip! A great way to celebrate Madi’s Sweet 16!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey



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