Happy Sweet 16 Madi!

Wordless Allie
Allie: I know Madi will love a tea party. She has a favourite tea too. We must have that specific tea.


SASHA:  I know, it’s Green Jasmine Tea.


BINGA:  C’mon, let’s hussle.  I’ll get the Green Jasmine Tea from the tea merchant and be back in a flash.


AMBER:   Thanks, Binga!  Woops I stuck my claw in the package and loose tea is running out.  There I slammed my paw on top of the hole. mol                                             

Here comes Madi. The Birthday Girl turning sweet 16.

All together now Ali, Allie, Binky. Sarabi, Sasha, Amber, Binga, Buddy, Angel Phoebe, Angel Kit, Angel Ellie ,Angel Lily Olivia and Angel Kali!

♪Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you ♪
♪Happy Birthday dear Madi,
Happy Birthday to you.♪


Angel Lily Olivia’s : My brother, Mau made this beautiful cake. And I made you a card:


Lilyoliviaangel  Come on Angels, Phoebe, Kali, Ellie, and Kit-we need to head back to The Bridge.


Madijan 24070

Madi: Thank you everyone! After we eat this cake and have tea, we need to plan this road trip.

9 thoughts on “Happy Sweet 16 Madi!

  1. kittiesblue

    Happy Birthday, Madi. I know Cooper Murphy and Mau are looking forward to seeing you at Scouts. I wish you many more wonderful birthdays. Love and hugs, Angel Lily Olivia


  2. BionicBasil

    Happy Birthday Madi, here’s hoping mew had the best birthday effur and we’re just loving your hat cake!!!


    Bestest birthday purrs

    Basil & Co xox



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