Madi Makes Her Final Leap

AMBER:  Girls, hold the racket down!  I have disturbing news.  Madi has left us for the Bridge.  It was her time and you know she hated to wait for anything so she is with the other crotchety angels.                                                    Isn’t she going to add some hot sauce into their milk! mol

BINKY:  I can see her now….                                            

insisting that leaping should be considered daily exercise in the fitness class.

ALLIE: Can’t you picture Madi correcting the way one prepares for a leap…”no, no not that way…let me show you.”

She had a great way about her where you didn’t get the idea she was real pushy just trying to help.  Really…she was bossy as heck though!

SASHA:  We wouldn’t be on this forever cruise if Madi hadn’t won it.                                                      

We love ya Madi and will always be grateful you are a Crotchety Cougar.                                                      

Never good bye Madi but see you later yell Amber, Buddy, Sarabi, Sasha, Binky, Allie, Ali and Binga.


13 thoughts on “Madi Makes Her Final Leap

  1. Amber

    Oh we were devastated to learn of Madi’s departure **big sigh** we are going to miss her terribly 😦 it’s been such a hard couple of weeks in the blog’o’sphere with so many pawesome pals departing OTRB – is there something we don’t know????!!!!!

    Sending huge hugs to Madi’s mom and to all cougars


    Amber xox

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  2. cecilia upchurch

    Dear Jean and all my crotchety cougars and angel cougars…thank you for the lovely post and OMCs did you call it right when you said ” she hated to wait for anything so she is with the other crotchety angels.” Patience was not my middle name.
    I was always proud to be a Crotchety Cougar and with love and HUGS
    Proudly a Crotchety Angel


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Madi is and always will be the model for all Crotchety Cougars to follow. She has spunk, vigot and the ability to argue with everyone. Her memory ain’t to bad either. These gifts she takes with her and joins the other angels. One day we’ll see that sweet face again.



  3. angelswhisper2011

    Oh, miss Jean, you know us all so well, that’s worth an Extra Pawkiss ❤ We're going to miss our cougar furriend so much, but we know she is in good paws of all our Angel furriends. We didn't know that Madi was so impatient..MOL 😀 Until we meet again, sweet soul ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. BellaDharma's LadyMeowy

    I was SO shocked to learn Madi also left for Summerland. altho’ I didn’t follow her, I always read her comments. She was a wonderful kitty girl. **sighs**
    I wish Summerland would close ‘the doors’ already.
    Much love to all of you, Sherri-Ellen aka Lady Meowy/LadyMum

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