Calling All Crotchety Cougars….We need to send Purrs


Binga:  Ladies!!  Ladies, turn the music down, Binky.  It’s way too loud. I have to yell to be heard.                                                           

BINKY:  C’mon swing that butt Ali.  Alright, keep the music down, Binga has an announcement to make.                                                 

Sarabi: What’s going on Binga, you look concerned?                                                  

Binga: I am concerned. Amber is just back from the vet’s and her kidneys are inflamed. This is not good. We must say purrayers for her.                                                                    

Allie: No, not Amber. She’ll beat it. We’ll just make sure and give our all for the best of Amber to shine through.

Sasha: Let’s form a circle and hold paws. Then we’ll bow our heads and say out purrs for Sister Amber.                                                           

Amber we love you and want you back dancing the Rumba with us as soon as possible.

13 thoughts on “Calling All Crotchety Cougars….We need to send Purrs

  1. onespoiledcat

    We sure hope Cougar Amber feels better soon…..I’m sure with all the Cougars sending her red hatted vibes and all of us on the outside looking in sending them too – she will be well very soon!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Amber

    Great news, the 2nd blood test came back and all is well with my kidney enzymes – woo hoo – ladies your healing paw circle wurked wunders and I can’t thank mew enough!

    I’m having some pain relief fur my arthritis, so hopefully I feel feel a lot more agile in the coming days. The vets have been monitoring my arthritis all year since it started to show and they decided I’m at the stage where a little pain medication would be rather beneficial.

    So all things considered fur a Crotchety Old Gal like myself, I’m not doing too bad! MOL

    Hugs and kisses

    Amber xox

    ‘Crotchety is the only way to be!’



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