Goodbye Sweet Allie

We have lost yet another Crotchety Cougar. It seems like yesterday . but it was actually April when we helped Allie celebrate her birthday. Her husband, Mau left for the bridge last month and now she has joined them. To visit her sad family, click here.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Allie

  1. angelajb

    Hugs from Bunty, Angel Ali and mommy Angela. So sorry for Allie going to the bridge. I feel that when Mau crossed the bridge that Allie’s heart was broken and that she would join him sooner rather than later. Now they are together forever.


  2. The Canadian Cats

    Our beautiful Allie has taken the final step to be with her sister, the other Crotchety Cougars and the love of her life…..Mau. We mustn’t feel sad for us, cause had the opportunity to know and love her. She filled a certain spot in our heart that was made for her. That is where she will remain…..within us, to guide our thoughts every day.

    Shoko and Tyebe


  3. angelswhisper2011

    My old bones tell me that we all be reunited one day, but you are deerly missed here on this planet, sweet Angel Allie💗Here’s a Soft Pawkiss for everyone, I hope you don’t mind it’s a little dirty, Granny says I’m doing strange things with soil lately🐾😽💞



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