Welcome Daisy Mae

Welcome and Happy Birthday to Daisy Mae. Although The Crotchety Cougars are no longer accepting members, we made an exception with Daisy Mae. She has been wanting to join since it began 4 years ago and today is her 15th birthday. Happy Birthday ! You look gorgeous in your official Crotchety Cougar hat.


5 thoughts on “Welcome Daisy Mae

  1. Crystal

    We are glad we found your post.
    What a very nice welcome you had for me and that birthday cake it looks delicious. Green is one of my favorite colors too.
    Thanks for making the exception and welcoming into the Crotchety Cougars with open paws/arms.
    My 15th birthday has been very nice, Mom Crystal told me I could do what I want but then I always do so I slept most of the day in my favorite spots.
    Thanks Again Crotchety Cougars and Friends
    Daisy Mae

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