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This Party Isn’t Over Yet



Did anyone notice something missing from this party?cow

Who tipped the cow?

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 9.44.07 AM Never mind the cow, the cake has arrived!


My wonderful husband Mau, is the best baker.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.13.36 AM



Angel Kit

Come on Angels Ellie, Kali and Phoebe time to head back to The Bridge. We will visit again son.

Happy Birthday Allie! Don’t forget to tip the cow back.







Happy Sweet 16 Madi!

Wordless Allie
Allie: I know Madi will love a tea party. She has a favourite tea too. We must have that specific tea.


SASHA:  I know, it’s Green Jasmine Tea.


BINGA:  C’mon, let’s hussle.  I’ll get the Green Jasmine Tea from the tea merchant and be back in a flash.


AMBER:   Thanks, Binga!  Woops I stuck my claw in the package and loose tea is running out.  There I slammed my paw on top of the hole. mol                                             

Here comes Madi. The Birthday Girl turning sweet 16.

All together now Ali, Allie, Binky. Sarabi, Sasha, Amber, Binga, Buddy, Angel Phoebe, Angel Kit, Angel Ellie ,Angel Lily Olivia and Angel Kali!

♪Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you ♪
♪Happy Birthday dear Madi,
Happy Birthday to you.♪


Angel Lily Olivia’s : My brother, Mau made this beautiful cake. And I made you a card:


Lilyoliviaangel  Come on Angels, Phoebe, Kali, Ellie, and Kit-we need to head back to The Bridge.


Madijan 24070

Madi: Thank you everyone! After we eat this cake and have tea, we need to plan this road trip.


Hey Cougars! Let’s plan a road trip for Madi’s birthday! She will finally have her license so she can drive.


Hmmm…I have my own agenda, please.Amber3a Can we listen to books on tape? I am a little behind on my reviews.


Hey, we’re the Cougars and this is who we are and what we do.


You’re right, we’ve still got a pulse ladies ( and Buddy).


I hope Buddy doesn’t get panic attacks and heightened anxiety while he is in the car-maybe we should spray it with Feliway.



Maybe we will get lots of attention  from people passing us by. Lots of chances for selfies with the birthday girl.

00Elder Buddy

Maybe we can find a bar that serves chocolate milk-just saying. I think the trip will be amazing and fun.

sarabi crotchety cougar 2

Hey! Where are we going?

Alihat1 Does anyone have a car?

smallRoad Trip Funny you should ask , look what my peeps just got me for my sweet 16.  Buckle up everyone!

binkya I need to use the litter box.

MadiJune 25 050.jpgjuly 6 Are you kidding Binky, we’ve only gone a mile?

Sasha1 I could go for a burger, anyone else hungry?

Blue Tail Buddy GEDC7187 I can haz cheezeburger and I still wants the chocolate milk.

TO be continued—- Happy Birthday Madi!! We love you.

Special Thanks to Joan, Mom of Sasha for writing this post.






Versatile Blogger Award

Hey Crotchety Cougars, we won another award! How cool are we?


Amber11a Quit your yapping and tell us what we won.

We won the Versatile Blogger Award from our friends Crystal and Daisy.



  • Thank and Link The Blogger Who Nominated You.
  • Nominate Bloggers And Link To Their Blogs.
  • Inform Them Of Their Nominations.
  • Reveal 7 Facts About Yourself Your Readers May Not Know About You.

Well, I think we should let anyone who wants this award to take it instead of choosing some. We love everybody even if we are crotchety.

Anyone want to give some facts about themselves?


Our  handsome security guard is my boyfriend.


I live a neighborhood away from the comedian and cat lover,Marc Maron

Madijan 24070

I have 2 facts, I just got back from Paris and I can twerk better than any of you.

aaEllie Headshot

I have a new baby sister, Noelle.


I love to read and I write book reviews almost every Wednesday.


Sasha here, I actually just turned 17, not 18-OOPS!

I guess we have our 7 facts. Thank you Crystal and Daisy for the award and thank you to all who have awarded us. Our folks think our heads are getting too big with all these awards so we are no longer able to accept anymore-human secretaries are the meanest. Unfortunately, we need them to type for us so we have to do what they say. As Phoebe used to say- Phooey!