The Cougars Drop In On Fiji

AMBER:  Did I tell you my grandfather sailed to Fiji on a pirate ship? He was brought on board to be a ratter and keep the rats down so they didn’t eat all the food.                                            

Well, Granddad Flips didn’t like the taste of rats.  He said they were a terribly coarse meat and their spiky fur made him sneeze.  Needless to say, he did a rotten job of clearing the rats away so when the pirate ship landed in Fiji, Granddad Flips took off like a firecracker was up his butt.  The pirates were really upset and looking to get rid of the cat cause Granddad Flips was eating more of their food than the rats.                                                               

MADI: How did he survive on this island? Was he welcomed or treated as an interloper?                                         

AMBER:  He loved it in Fiji and even learned the Fijian language. His favourite food was fish and he had a whole ocean full of these delicacies. Granddad Flips was a fun guy mom said and every kitty loved him. However, he had one habit that made him unique. He liked to sleep on his head. See, this is the picture mom gave me of Granddad Flips.

SARABI: Sorry Amber, but your granddad was weird. However, he is fascinating. Whatever happened to him?

AMBER:  I totally agree Sarabi, granddad was an odd character but memorable.  He left Fiji on a cruise ship, cause none of the crew on the ship, saw him sneak aboard.  He got off the ship in the UK and the rest is history.

We’re getting pretty close to the island of Viti Levu.  Look!!                                                       BINGA:  Fiji, here we come!


Wow. it’s so warm here!  There is a slight breeze.  Can you smell the Pacific?  I can, and I smell fishies!

Sasha:  Which way do we go to get our luggage?  They better be gentle with my new suitcase or I’ll play wacky paw with their chin!  Hmpf.

Ali:  Over here.  They’re just sitting here all by themselves.

Nobody’s around so we best just take them.  Come on Buddy can you get us a couple of carts.

BUDDY:  Sure nuff ladies.  I can put 3 suitcases on ebie cartee but youse guys hasta push.  Thar you gos.

I love it here.  Oh, look there’s a makeup store….. duty-free.  We must look on our way home.

BINGA:  What does duty-free mean?  Nobody did their business on it?  You mean they’d sell it with duty all over it?  Yuck!!

MADI:  This is Nadi International Airport and it’s just teeming with bodies.  Let’s get out of here before someone steps on me.  Look there’s our limousine to the hotel.                                        

Thank you so much, Mr. Limo driver. A little something for you my friend. *Kali slips the driver 5 treats and a small nip leaf.* The limo driver has a quizzical look on his face but thanks, Kali and drives away.

Wow, this is cool gals.  We each have a hut of our own.  I booked us for a week.                                        

BUDDY: My own house!! I like dis. I don’t have to share. Mine all mine!

Is anybody in the mood to go swimming?  Nobody!  OK, we’ve been awake all night.  It took 13 hours to get here so let’s have a nap and go sight seeing when we wake up.

SARABI:  Super idea, I’m seeing mice when I close my eyes so I need to chase those mice in my sleep.

The cougars leave for their own huts.

Kali walks into her hut and does a double take.                                           

I didn’t know the ocean was so close. This really is awesome.  She collapses in a lounger on the patio and falls fast asleep.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of the Crotchety Cougars in Fiji.




Where In The World Are the Cougars Going?

Cougars, cougars settle down!  Let’s put the nip aside for awhile and focus on our winter vacation destination.

BINKY:  We sure could use a holiday.  Somewhere warm as nip in the sun.  With some young man cats to wait on our every whim.                                           

*High pitched mewing starts up among our cougars.*

SASHA:  I want to go to Hawaii….Maui.  The white sands…the warm breezes…ahhhh                                 

ALI:  Gimme Bermuda.  I’ve never been there and every cat I talk with says it’s awesome with a warm climate and beautiful beaches.                                            

MADI:  How about Bora Bora?  It’s in the South Pacific.  It’s got fab coral reefs too.                                               

How does everybody feel about Fiji?  It’s in the South Pacific like Bora Bora.  We could head for Viti Levu Island where the capital of Suva is located.                                           AMBER:  OK, Kali, let’s head off to Fiji for a tan and some fun with the boy/man cats. mew mew                                              

The Cougars agree and head off to pack their suitcases.

Don’t forget your sunscream, hats, and sunglasses.  Some fancy dinner clothes too.  We want to be prepared for anything.  hehe                                        

ALLIE: Wait!! Wait, I couldn’t find my sunscream. I’m here, thanks for stopping. Whew!                                             

We’re away to Fiji. Next stop the island of palm trees and pink beaches.

MADI: Pipe down up there, I’m trying to get some shut-eye. I want to be fresh when we arrive so I can tackle some of these exotic drinks not to mention the man cats. hehe

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey Crotchety Cougars, we won another award! How cool are we?


Amber11a Quit your yapping and tell us what we won.

We won the Versatile Blogger Award from our friends Crystal and Daisy.



  • Thank and Link The Blogger Who Nominated You.
  • Nominate Bloggers And Link To Their Blogs.
  • Inform Them Of Their Nominations.
  • Reveal 7 Facts About Yourself Your Readers May Not Know About You.

Well, I think we should let anyone who wants this award to take it instead of choosing some. We love everybody even if we are crotchety.

Anyone want to give some facts about themselves?


Our  handsome security guard is my boyfriend.


I live a neighborhood away from the comedian and cat lover,Marc Maron

Madijan 24070

I have 2 facts, I just got back from Paris and I can twerk better than any of you.

aaEllie Headshot

I have a new baby sister, Noelle.


I love to read and I write book reviews almost every Wednesday.


Sasha here, I actually just turned 17, not 18-OOPS!

I guess we have our 7 facts. Thank you Crystal and Daisy for the award and thank you to all who have awarded us. Our folks think our heads are getting too big with all these awards so we are no longer able to accept anymore-human secretaries are the meanest. Unfortunately, we need them to type for us so we have to do what they say. As Phoebe used to say- Phooey!









Mystery Blogger Award

Mystery Blogger Award

 …..Ali’s mom

I Ali, am taking this on for the Crotchety Cougars.

Rules for Mystery Blogger:

Put award/logo on blog

List rules

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog

Nominate other people

Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Thanks Daisy Mae for nominating the Crotchety Cougars

My nominees are:

Christy Paws, Martythemanx2, foxyslife, Bailey Boat Cat,, Deziz World and Two Spoiled Cats.                                               


Kit Has Gone to The Rainbow Bridge

 Cougars, I hate to tell you this but Kit has gone through those gates to see Angel Phoebe, Angel Elle, and Angel Lily Olivia.  Her health was getting worse but now she is with her friends and loving family members that left before her.  Her health is that of a yung’un again.                                          
This is how I’ll remember Cougar Kit, busy watching to see if I did it the way she told me. That was our Kit!

Ladies and Buddy too, let’s raise our bowls and drink a toast to Cougar Kit, the grand lady. *sip*  You are free from your earthly bonds.  See ya later, Kit                                                                                  


The Sunshine Award

Cougars listen, Crystal Stewart and Daisy Mae’s Photo Blogging Site nominated us for a Sunshine Award!  Thank you so much to both of them.  This is our first award.

BINKY:  What in heaven’s name is a Sunshine Award?                                              

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.                                          

 Isn’t that cool?                                


  1. Thank The Blogger Who Nominated You In Your Blog Post and Link Back To Their Blog. Done
  2. Answer 11 Questions The Blogger Asked You. Done
  3. Nominate 11 New Bloggers To Receive The Sunshine Blogger Award. Done
  4. Write Them 11 Questions to Answer. Done
  5.  Let Them Know You’ve nominated them Done

We are all involved in the blogging of Crotchety Cougars so we shall all take turns answering the questions.

Why Did You Start Blogging?  

Angel Phoebe and I started up the blog because there was a need for us female felines 15 and over to vent our feelings and generally enjoy each other.                                       

What Keeps You Going And Motivated?

AMBER:  You mean where do I get ideas and why do I want to share them?  Ideas come from everyday living, ideas that pop into my noggin that make me smile and I figure other peeps would get a smile too.  Life can be very serious….let’s laugh at ourselves.                                                 


What Is Your Weirdest Habit?

SASHA:  I don’t have weird habits.  I’m perfect.  However, I do turn around 3 times before I lie down but so does Kali.  I guess I’m a wee bit superstitious.  This is good…many a kitty has been lost to snakes because they collapsed on a snake pit. mol                                          

What Is Your Favorite Cuisine?

BINGA:  Now, you’re talkin’!  My favourite foods.  Well, I love beef so bring on the roasts.  I prefer my steaks and roasts sliced thin so I don’t have to chew too much.  No need to waste my energy.  When I was a yungun’ I could saw through a raw brisket in no time.  I’m pickier now.                                            

What Are The First Three Things You Notice In A Person?

BINKY:  That’s an easy question.  Right away I notice if they laugh.  A happy person is usually a kind person.  Does this peep talk a lot?  I want to be with someone who will let me talk and express myself not someone that yatters constantly.  Does this peep have treats?  Always a great way to break the ice is to offer some treats.                                              

How Do You Deal With Negative Comments Of The People About Your Appearance Or Anything Else?

ALLIE:  Peeps don’t say anything nasty about my appearance…..I’m beautiful.  They may think I’m snooty, no not snotty…snooty, nose in the air, you know what I mean.  That’s because they don’t know me.  The worst thing I’ve been called is furry face.  I can live with that description.

What Is The Meaning Of Your Name?

SARABI:  The meaning of Sarabi is Mirage. The origin of the name Sarabi is Swahili. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language. Mother character in the Disney animated movie “Lion King”

I am but a mirage…mew, mew.  Now, the name Crotchety Cougars was the brain child of Kali.  The name says it all…we are crotchety and we’ve earned the right and we’re cougars.  We are older kitties that appreciate the swinging life of some man cats but we’re very picky.  mol                                              

What Is Your Goal In Life?

MADI:  My goal in life has changed from when I was a yungun’.  When I was a wee one I wanted all things for me.  Treats and toys would make me happy. Now I want to enjoy my friends in Crotchety Cougars and cuddle with mom.                                          

What Is Your Job Or Jobs?

ALI:  Heavens, I don’t work.  The only work I do is providing a warm and lovely atmosphere at home for my mom when she comes home from work.  That can be tough some days.                                            

Do You Have A Pet And If So, What Is Your Pet Or Pets?

BUDDY:  Why yes, I do have a pet.  My younger brother is my pet.  We call him Einstein or Einey.  He is a yungun’ and has lots to learn so I try to teach him.  I’ve found the best teacher for Einey is experience.  The lesson sticks more this way.                                    Lordy me, I’m just too sexy for words. mol

What About Yourself Would You Like To change?

KIT:  No way would I change.  Hmmm…well I could do without the the health problems I have.  Even the illness is me and makes up my personality so I would say…I am what I am so get used to it.                                              

There you have the 11 questions answered by all of us bloggers.

I want the ones we nominate to answer the same questions.

  1. Why Did You Start Blogging?
  2. What Keeps You Going And Motivated?
  3. What Is Your Weirdest Habit?
  4. What Is Your Favorite Cuisine?
  5. What Are The First Three Things You Notice In A Person?
  6. How Do You Deal With Negative Comments Of The People About Your Appearance Or Anything Else?
  7. What Is The Meaning Of Your Name?
  8. What Is Your Goal In Life?
  9. What Is Your Job Or Jobs?
  10. Do You Have A Pet And If So, What Is Your Pet Or Pets?
  11. What About Yourself Would You Like To Change?

The nominees for the Sunshine Award from the Crotchety Cougars are:


Princess Leah

Three Chatty Cats

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

We know we have only named 4 blogs. There are so many excellent blogs that we suggest each friend that stops by follow the procedure and claim the Sunshine Award for themselves. Crap, we understand this is a chicken’s way out. Dang. We just love all the pet blogs we see.


Buddy’s 18th Birthday

Here he comes!!  Is everything ready?

AMBER:  Everything’s set to go, Kali.  Keep your fur on.

Happy Birthday, Buddy, yell the Cougars!!                                     

BUDDY:  Wha wat…I can’t find words…Oh ladies dis is sooo gud.
Click the music on…. Buddy.

Each Cougar has something to remind you of the mafia days at this theme party, Buddy Budd.                                              

ALI:  “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”                                               

MADI:  “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”                                               KIT:  Revenge is a dish best served cold.                                                
BINGA: “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

BUDDY:  Family is everthin’ to me… always comes first.

ALLIE: “Accidents don’t happen to people who take accidents as a personal insult.”

BINKY  “Behind every successful fortune there is a crime.”                                              
AMBER; “Never let anyone know what you’re thinking.”

SARABI: “Forgive, forget. Life is full of misfortunes.”

SASHA: “Time erodes gratitude more quickly than it does beauty.”

KALI: Leave the gun take the vodka.

Some Cougars wanted to bring some steamy entertainment to their favourite Security Officer. Enjoy Buddy.

Can Can


This production was directed by Angel Phoebe’s family.

We looked around for some Russian food and found some cool looking food.

Stuffed Russian Eggs                                           

Okroshka..this, in the picture is a salad but Okroshka is a cold soup.

KIT:  Ok enough, this food is puky!  We won’t eat it.  How bout you, Buddy?  BUDDY:  It looks awful.  I forgot what disgusting food I got used to over there.   SASHA:  Let’s bring on the good stuff then.  Burgers, hot dogs, and fries.

Finally, we all have a Birthday Cake for you, Buddy.                                               

  BUDDY:   This is some kinda gud cake!!  Thank you all so much.

Buddy, Angel Lily Olivia’s bro Mau baked it in his bakery just for you. 
Hope you enjoyed our celebration for you, Buddy Budd.   BUDDY:   Kali, it was gud, gud, gud. I sure don’t miss the days in that thar country, naha, naha.

Pop on over to Timmy’s Commentary blog and see the party Buddy’s family threw for him. 

KALI: ORANGE