This Party Isn’t Over Yet



Did anyone notice something missing from this party?cow

Who tipped the cow?

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 9.44.07 AM Never mind the cow, the cake has arrived!


My wonderful husband Mau, is the best baker.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.13.36 AM



Angel Kit

Come on Angels Ellie, Kali and Phoebe time to head back to The Bridge. We will visit again son.

Happy Birthday Allie! Don’t forget to tip the cow back.







Happy Birthday Allie and Angels

We celebrate 2 angels birthdays and a beauty of a Cougar.  Well, seeing as Angel Ellie is Allie’s twin…..they are both beautiful.  This is Angel Ellie and Allie’s 16th birthday.  So we must celebrate.  Mau is Allie’s hubby and his heart is aflutter with love for her.                                      


Angel Ellie


Do I hear any advice for Allie from our Cougars?

BINGA:  I sure do!  Allie, never let your fur down completely, always remain a tad mysterious.  You will make peeps wondering what you’re going to do and Mau will always be by your side, curious

ANGEL KALI:  You know the value of being mysterious.  She always has Buddy’s love and it guided her steps when she was here with us and now…..well now she is guiding Buddy.  One day we will all meet again until then we have our memories and love to keep us warm.                                                  

Now let’s chow down with some wonderful foods like Wild Pacific Salmon                                  


Hey, we’re not amused!                                                            That’s more like it…Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon.

Drinks Galore.  Each drink has a double dose of nip.  Angel Kali’s drink has double the oregano.  SARABI:  Allie and angels, always be happy cause you never know who could be watching.  You may lighten someone’s path with a smile.

AMBER:  Remember ladies, Learning is a gift,  Even when pain is your teacher.  We learn a lot from trying to handle pain.

ALI:   It is true…you are one of a kind.


You want the most fun people around you.

SASHA:  Ladies…                      This says it all!


Happy 16th Cougars.
Today is Brian’s Home “Thankful Thursday.” We are thankful we have each other to strengthen us. We are some of the Crotchetyest Cougars you will meet and we love it.  Click on the blog hop and immediately you will be there.                                         

My Tail as Illustrated by Madi

 MADI:  I have been reading an interesting book and thought I’d illustrate it for you.  I am a natural model so prepare to be blown away.                                 

SASHA:   Madi. you sure believe in tootin’ your own horn.

MADI:  I have always known I am worth tootin’ about anyway.  We all know Sasha when you got it flaunt it.   Mom taught me that and she’s right.  Sometimes it helps to hint at things with a big hammer…hehe

My Tail 
I Could Pee on This by Francesco Marciuliano
If my tail is curved then I’m at ease
If it is tucked then do what you please
If it twitches then get out of my sight
(I’m watching a squirrel on my deck)
If it is to one side then I’m free for the night
(if you can wake me up)
If it is fluffed then I simply can’t deal
If it swishes (and my fangs are showing) then it is about to get real
If it is erect then for you I give thanks
If it grabs food then you’re petting a monkey
You should probably walk away

Thanks to Madi and Mom Down Home in NC

Artsy Fartsy Caturday with Angel Phoebe

You know Angel Phoebe it’s Athena’s Artsy Fartsy Caturday.                                             

Shoko and I always loved being the model and would flip a nanner for the opportunity.  If I got the printed side, I won the opportunity.  It was a hoot.                                                 

I like that idea, Kali.  It’s beautiful here.  We can sit in the water and not get wet. mol.

Here is the original picture before my magic took effect.                                                No, I’m not in hell-o but I used Lunapic and the watercolour art effect.  It’s outstanding, is it not?  Be right there Kali…  Have a great Caturday all you great creatures.  Don’t forget to stop at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s blog and view your friends all painted up. hehe  Simply click on the blog hop name and you’ll be zapped to your friends.


Artsy Fartsy Caturday with Buddy

MADI:  Hey Buddy, want to be our boy toy for Artsy, Fartsy Caturday.                                     

BUDDY:  Whatchu mean by….BOY TOY, Madi?  I’s is nobody’s boy toy ceptin Kali”s.                                             

MADI: Take it easy big guy.  It’s Athena’s Artsy Caturday and I thought you’d be great as the boy toy representing the Crotchety Cougars.  All peeps have to do is click on Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s name and miraculously appear at Athena’s site.   What do you say Officer Buddy?

BUDDY:  I like dis ideer.  Let mes gets me bodies all set up like a nonchalant gent…                                        

BUDDY:  I’s ready for me artsy picture.                                    

BUDDY:  Mewooow!  I’s look so cool…what a hunkameats I’s am.                                        

Buddy is sporting the Landscape Art Effect at Lunapic.

Seriously, have a great weekend.

Sparks of Angels

Annie from McGuffy’s Reader is having Spark’s this Monday.                                        

“I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world!”

This statement is so true and as we get older we realize just how true this is.

ANGEL KIT::  Would you agree with this statement Angel Lily Olivia?                                      

ANGEL LILY OLIVIA:  Of course! The more positive we start the week, the more good we will see in the different situations we face.                                       

We must always value the importance of friends in our day-to-day dealings.  Friends make life amusing and fun.                                   Be safe and may your week be full.

Artsy Caturday with a Cougar

ALI:  Ladies. Hey, you noisy squawkers.  The girls settle down.  It’s time for Caturday Art.  Anyone want to be the art of the week?

BINGA  Me, me…I’m a work of art and underappreciated.  The things I put up with and still wear a cheerful smile.  I tell ya, a meeker cat would be a puddle of tears but not me.  I hold my head up high.                                    

ALI: Alright Binga!! You have had such a hard life….no treats, no toys, no fun…..just work, work and more work.

BINGA: Well, it wasn’t that hard, Ali. I did get treats, toys and no work. Guess I’ve had it pretty good then. OK, this prima donna wants more lighting to show off my whiskers. This is art….let’s make it sparkle.

BINGA:  Wow, I’m gorgeous!!                                          

I’m fancied up in Lunapic with half the strength of the Colour Pen Effect and a Cherry Blossom border.

Do stop by and visit with Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty and perhaps pose for an artistic picture. Do stop by and have a laugh at your friends posing for their own artistic feature.