Artsy Caturday with a Cougar

ALI:  Ladies. Hey, you noisy squawkers.  The girls settle down.  It’s time for Caturday Art.  Anyone want to be the art of the week?

BINGA  Me, me…I’m a work of art and underappreciated.  The things I put up with and still wear a cheerful smile.  I tell ya, a meeker cat would be a puddle of tears but not me.  I hold my head up high.                                    

ALI: Alright Binga!! You have had such a hard life….no treats, no toys, no fun…..just work, work and more work.

BINGA: Well, it wasn’t that hard, Ali. I did get treats, toys and no work. Guess I’ve had it pretty good then. OK, this prima donna wants more lighting to show off my whiskers. This is art….let’s make it sparkle.

BINGA:  Wow, I’m gorgeous!!                                          

I’m fancied up in Lunapic with half the strength of the Colour Pen Effect and a Cherry Blossom border.

Do stop by and visit with Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty and perhaps pose for an artistic picture. Do stop by and have a laugh at your friends posing for their own artistic feature.


Wordy Wednesday With Madi and Buddy

MADI:  What’s happening, Buddy?                                       

BUDDY: You talkin’ to me, Madi?  I’s doin’ the same ole stuffs.  Yep, nuttin’ new here. Same ole, same ole. How ’bout you’s, Madi?

MADI: I tell ya, Buddy. I had so much fun hangin’ out in the kitchen. No one was looking so I leaped from counter to counter. I’m still in great shape. Of course, it didn’t last. I was busted by mom who was not impressed with my athletic prowess. Peeps….no sense of haw haw.

Friday Fantabulous Furry Fill-Ins


Time for Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader to give us the Friday Fill-Ins.                                        

Let’s start right now.                                            



MESSING UP THE HOUSE WITH HIS EGGS.                                          

2. My favorite Easter ( or Passover) treat is…..SALMON.  What do ya mean, it’s not a traditional Easter dinner?  It’s my tradition.                                              


3. Lately, the song…..WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT?… stuck in my head.



4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge….. IS WELL WORTH A TRY, aha, yep, try it.  Youse’ll like it.                                  


Sparks of Belief

ALLIE: It’s time for Sparks as it’s Monday.  McGuffy’s Reader began this blog hop as a positive way to start the week.                                  

I think this is a great idea because so many things can get us down that we should start the week with happy thoughts.                                          

For example today I saw a BBQ chicken on our counter. No rhyme or reason why it was there….it just was!  Nobody was watching and I could see myself up on the counter partaking of the bird.  Now was the time to strike while the bird was smelling yummy and mom was elsewhere.  I liked the skin….oh man what a taste and the aroma…pretty awesome.  I took a small bite and was driven crazy by the taste.  What a time for mom to appear…cheez it, like quick.  I hopped off the counter while mom’s mouth was moving a mile a minute. mol  Point is I could see myself tasting the bird and I did it.

What can you see yourself doing?

Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award.

We have received another award from Daisy Mae and Crystal, technically their blog is called Crystal’s Site.  Thank you so much Crystal and Daisy Mae.


  1. Thank The Person Who Nominated You And Link Back To Their Blog.
  2. Answer The Questions Sent To You.
  3. Nominate 10 Bloggers.
  4. Create Your Set Of Questions For Your Nominees.
  5. List The Rules And Display  The Brotherhood Of The World Bloggers Award Logo In Your Post And/In Your Blog.

My Nominees…We nominate all that read this blog….all the blogs we read are excellent and we just can’t choose.  It’s causing too many arguments amongst us gals and even Buddy is saying we have to honour everyone.  There you have it friends.  You want it….take it.                                          

Once again we’ll take turns answering the questions.


  1. What Makes You Angry? ALLIE:  Stoopid questions.  Like, you have such long fur…no kidding, you have skin!
  2. What Was Your Last Random Act Of Kindness?  BUDDY:  That’s easy, I gave Sasha the last 2 greenies in the bag.
  3. What is your key to happiness?  Angel Kit:  Just being me and not putting on phony airs like “la de da..I’m here.”

  4. What Is Your Philosophy In 3 Words?  AMBER: Live for today!  If, you’re tired….sleep.  If, you feel like partying….PARTAH with all your heart.
  5. Why Did You Start Blogging?  ALI:  Well, I started blogging because I want the world to know how my mom and I are doing and the challenges we go through.
  6. What Pet(s) Do You Own?  SARABI:  I have a stuffed teddy bear but I don’t show it to peeps just certain Cougars.  It’s a very private teddy.
  7. What Encourages You The Most And How Do You Encourage(Not Flatter) Others?  BINKY:  I never flatter anyone nor do I want to be flattered.  Peeps that tell me the truth and say how I could improve are the best kind of friends to have.
  8. What Made You Choose The Name Of Your Blog?  ANGEL PHOEBE:  You mean Crotchety Cougars?  What can I say, the name speaks for itself.  This is exactly what we are and we’re friggin’ proud of it.








ANGEL PHOEBE…psst……It’s my birthday today.  Angel Kali and I are drinking cream and playing with furless mice. mol

Friday Fill It Up

Ellen of 15 and Meowing….Angel Phoebe’s mom and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader thought up these fill-ins for us to ponder.                                                 

Madi takes the first fill-in.

1. I am the…..BOSS LADY….. in my family.  The peeps may think they are the ones that control the household but no, it is I, the one and only Magnificent Madi.                                        

Take it away Binky:

2. I have…..NO ….. sibling(s).  I don’t want any snotty nosed brothers or sisters.  I want to enjoy Granny and the house on my terms.  The garden is just the way I like it.                                     

You’re up Angel Ellie.
3. I am looking forward to…..SMELLING THE FLOWERS…..this Spring.  I love the smell of roses and Phlox.  They are so pretty too.                                                                

Sarabi, you have the floor.

4. The first sign of Spring this year was …..ME JUMPING OVER THE CROCUSES IN THE GARDEN.  I can jump like nobody’s business.  I do stumble though so I try not to jump over my food, in case I slip and fall in. mol                                                                                    

There you have it. Our opinions on the sentences from the lovely ladies that started this wonderful fill-in.                                                

Sparks of ….Feelings

BUDDY:  Ladies let’s do our own positive thought for Sparks Monday.  We’ve never done that before.

BINGA: Great idea Buddy. Something like….”The fish always looks better under glass.” or “If the mouse fits….eat it.”                                           AMBER: mol…I like those Binga but I don’t think they have a positive enough message.                                    

Sasha:  Let’s have Angel Lily Olivia give our Sparks for this Monday.                                               

ANGEL LILY OLIVIA: I am honoured, Buddy and ladies. This is my Sparks for this week.

This is how I feel about every one of you Cougars. Go see what McGuffy’s Reader’s other friends have said about their positive thoughts for the week.