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Baby The snowballs must Fly…*splat*

This post is dedicated to our security supervisor, Buddy.  He has had a hard time with Vestibular Disease Click on the term to learn more about it.

Buddy:  C’mon da Shoks, let’s give those gals a whomping with the snowballs and we can dance the “Snowball Hop” while pitchin’ dem.                   

Simba:  What the…balls of the snow kind..alright who the devil is….hey it’s Buddy and Shoko!  Bring it on…you two furballs. MOL

Sasha:  I can dance like that….lalala..ow, ow!  Something slipped.  Allie:  It was you that slipped Sasha.

Kit:  Is she ok Binga?  Binga:  Looks like she twisted her ankle while dancing.  She just needs to rest it and have several Mint Junips. mol Sasha:  I can do that ladies.   Ali:  Come hobble over to Kali’s house and we’ll start the partying.