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Amber celebrates her 18th birthday.

Oh Amber, I’m so happy you are joining me in  turning 18 tomorrow, Binky smiled.  So the big day was October 24th for your mom.  I’ll bet she really prepared for you and your littermates arrival.  Soft blankets and all sorts of pillows.  Of course, you wouldn’t remember.  So never mind.                                             

OK, Binky consider the matter closed.  I have many interests nowadays.  My first priority is to the books I love.  For many years I have been sharing my book reviews with everyone on Fridays.                                                                         

Last week I started sharing reviews from The Mewton-Clawson Library.  Do pop on by and read about my finds by clicking on Mewton-Clawson Library.

Well, blow me down north wind and stick an icicle in my butt!  If it isn’t Angel Kali and Angel Phoebe. hollered Binky.  We couldn’t miss wishing Amber a superfantastic birthday.  Everyone sends their brightest wishes for a fun day with lotsa food, sparkles Angel Kali.  Amber asks what the angels are up to these days.  Kali mol  and laughs.  Well, Phoebe and I are taking a course on cloud maintenance.  Really?  Binky giggles saying I thought clouds maintained themselves and were moveable.  Phoebe answered Binky by nodding a hearty yes clouds are moveable but someone has to steer the cloud or it’ll go crashing into whatever is close.  I never thought of that Angel Phoebe.                                                                 

  Maintaining a cloud is difficult cause all the pistons and spark plugs are invisible unless you have a special code.  Kali lost the first code showing Buddy how to fly the cloud….the dang code was sitting on the side of the cloud and fell off.  I was ticked but I can’t stay ticked long at Buddy and Kali.  Buddy is such a likeable happy guy and Kali is just so helpful and yes, fun to be around,  It sounds like everything is the same with the Cougars just a different address laughs Amber..

I am picking some fresh nip for Amber’s dessert….Baked Catnip…..yummy!!

We don’t need a bunch of food here Binky. It’s just the two of us and the angels don’t eat so let’s have sardines with a side of crab. For dessert we have the baked catnip Alaska

Baked sardines with lemon is just the cat’s mew.

Followed by fresh catnip baked Alaska

    I’m gettin’ down to business with this Nip Cocktail.                                                             

May the Bird of Paradise drop his treasures beside you this year, Amber and may any cracks in your day be smoothed away with furry paws.