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Sunday at the Clubhouse.

Madi got in touch with us earlier to say she received her mousepad and thank me.                                             

I can smell Kali….wow. The old gal smells pretty good.

Now, down to some really fun stuff.  Does everybody know that our own Buddy has got his 18th birthday coming up on the 31 of this month….right, on Wednesday?  Sasha will no longer be the oldest but will have to share the title with Buddy Budd.                                         
It won’t be a surprise party cause mom opened her big mouth when we were visiting Buddy’s house and mentioned the Cougars would be doing something.                                           

We need a theme….any ideas Binky?                                       
C, mon Cougars crowd around and I’ll whisper it to you…psst…sic…hit. Well, what do you think?

Awesome, Binky!!  He’ll love it!                                         
Hahaha…mew, mew….I can just picture his face. It will take him by surprise.

I think it’ll be something he won’t expect either Allie.  We need the required goodies to go with it.  How bout Ali, Binga, and Amber take care of it.  The goodies should fit in with the theme.

Got it Kali.  I’ll look after drinks.                                   

I’ll look after the food with Amber.

Yep, I’ll help you, Ali.

Sasha, Kit, and Sarabi you can check everything and remind us if we forgot something.

I can do that, Kali

OK, Sasha…I’m right behind you and I’ll make sure its done right.

I’ll make sure there is music that’s appropriate says Sarabi.

Finally Madi, can you guide Buddy slowly into the clubhouse. I’ll send a signal while you two are in the garden, OK?

Ok, Cougars let’s shake our booty’s and make this birthday memorable for Buddy.