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Artsy Fartsy Caturday with Buddy

MADI:  Hey Buddy, want to be our boy toy for Artsy, Fartsy Caturday.                                     

BUDDY:  Whatchu mean by….BOY TOY, Madi?  I’s is nobody’s boy toy ceptin Kali”s.                                             

MADI: Take it easy big guy.  It’s Athena’s Artsy Caturday and I thought you’d be great as the boy toy representing the Crotchety Cougars.  All peeps have to do is click on Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s name and miraculously appear at Athena’s site.   What do you say Officer Buddy?

BUDDY:  I like dis ideer.  Let mes gets me bodies all set up like a nonchalant gent…                                        

BUDDY:  I’s ready for me artsy picture.                                    

BUDDY:  Mewooow!  I’s look so cool…what a hunkameats I’s am.                                        

Buddy is sporting the Landscape Art Effect at Lunapic.

Seriously, have a great weekend.

Cougars Honour Kali’s Memory

SARABI:  I’ve been wondering what we can do to honour Kali.  She wasn’t a big nipitoona drinker but she loved beauty treatments so let’s all paint our nails to honor Kali.                              

A bright red Candy Apple colour would be eye-popping. mol

AMBER: No, not for me. I noticed some wayward whiskers I could get plucked.  Binky do you think you can pluck them?                                            

BINKY: No problem, Amber. Kali must have tweezers around here. You want me to pull them out now? OK. we’ll wait. I need a soothing facial. My face furs are standing on end and are so dry with this cold and snow we’ve been having.

Ali, have you done this before? You look like you don’t know what to do. Besides my ears are sticking up through the towel.

ALI: Your ears are supposed to stick through the towel, Binky. You don’t want me to bend them, do you?  Of course, I’ve given many a kitty a facial.  It’s old hat to me.

AMBER: OK, you can pluck them now Binky.  Geez…hisssss….that hurts like the dickens!  Are you some kind of sadistic mother of a catfish?

BINKY:  They’re not coming out Amber.  I’m just curling them.  They do give you a certain flair…..haha….actually you look different.  Unique is the word.  Do you want me to get Kali’s straightening iron so we can get them straight again?

AMBER:  Let’s leave them.  I don’t want you burning my face next.  You’re a hazard with tweezers never mind a straightening iron.


SASHA:  What the..Look it’s Phoebe!                                

ANGEL PHOEBE: Hey Cougars….you’re lookin’ good. Whatcha doing here, Binga?

BINGA: We’re trying to honour Kali with a spa day but this is complicated. I think we’re just making a mess.

ANGEL PHOEBE: Kali saw you ladies working away and was deeply touched. She would’ve come herself but Lily Olivia and Kit are telling her how to look after her wings and how to shine her halo. Lily O and Kit shine the halo up differently so there is a bit of a debate on which way is the best.  Kali will be occupied for a wee while.  See you ladies in a few days as myself, Kali, Lily Olivia, Kit and Ellie will be visiting you occasionally.                                            

ALLIE:   Woohoo!  We’ll be the ole gang again. Thanks for stopping by Angel Phoebe we will love to see everyone again.  Buddy, you look unhappy.  What’s the problem?                                      

BUDDY:  I nos Iz’s not a Cougar but I want to honour my Kali too.  I have a big ole hairs growing out of a wee mole on my tumsy.  I want to get rid of it but after watching Amber and how much it hurt for the whiskery to be pulled on by tweezers, I want another way to get it out, out, out of here.

ALLIE:  That’s no problem Buddy.  We’ll wax it right out of there.                                 

BUDDY: It feels ewws, odd. Sorta like somethings growing on the hair, what with the cloth on it.

ALLIE: Are you ready Buddy?

BUDDY: Ready for *rip* whattttt…hissss! Never mind the canoli….give me the gun! Good grief Allie, that hurts like a herd of bees stunged me.

ALLIE: The hair’s gone Buddy. Oh dear, so is all the fur around the mole.  The mole is still there though.

BINKY:  *Removes the cucumber slices and towel. *  Look, I’m ravishing!  I smell good too.  I’d like to do this again except have a hot oil treatment for the furs next time.

AMBER:  Perhaps we should leave any further beauty efforts while we still have fur and faces.Kali, we respect you even more after trying some of these beauty ideas.

The Cougars Have a Giveaway

KALI: MOL…mew, mew….Madi that tickles get that fishbone away from my paws.                                           

MADI:  Aww…c’mon Kali……tickle, tickle…..

MEW, MEW….stop, I have some exciting news to tell everyone.                                                 

KIT: She’s just saying that cause she wants you to stop. Tickle her till she hisses for relief. MOL

KALI:  No, really I want to announce our two giveaways. In the first giveaway, it is only open for the Cougars and security. The other giveaway is open to all our visitors regardless of where you live. There is just one rule….you must post a comment.

The giveaway is a mouse pad of us Cougars.  Don’t we look awesome?

So leave a comment.  The winners will be chosen randomly by dad from mom’s small cooking pot that looks like a bedchamber pot. MOL                                                  

Mom will have the post up until the morning of  Wednesday the 17th of January. On Wednesday afternoon mom will get in touch with the winners by e-mail so make sure we have your address. Good luck!!                                        


HEY THERE…DOWN HERE……Kit is not doing well and needs some purrs from her friends and visitors. Drop in and say, “Hi you ole Skalywag.” Her address is https:

Baby, The Snow Must Fall

C’mon lets’ play in the snow.  Madi:  Are you kidding….it’s wet.  Well, snow is wet.  Madi:  Sure takes away from the fun.  Let’s make a snowman.  Madi:  He’s gotta be different though….none of this man with hat bit for us.                                              

We did an awesome job, Madi. This is one fantastic snowman.  Madi:  Well, if you ask me, Kali, this guy could use some pants.  He’s nekked!  Nobody’s going to notice Madi.  They’ll be overcome with our magnificent artwork.

I see Binky and Amber padding over this way.  They don’t look happy.  The snows deep as donkey dung on the farm. Pretty deep!                                                         

Binky: Can you manage Amber? All we can see is your head. Amber: Geez, a little snow would’ve been nice but this is ridiculous. It’s like wadding in quicksand….

This is the clean and exhilarating Canadian weather.                                                         

The snow makes my whiskers feel alive. Ali:  You mean half frozen. mol

Binky:  I like the snow guy.  You and Madi made it? Pretty fancy girls.  Rather risqué, wouldn’t you say?  What do you mean, Binky?  He’s nekked, Kali.  Madi:  See, I told you Kali…they noticed real fast!

Oh for mouse’s sake, it’s not like we drew in his private parts.

We’ll go inside for some nipnog to warm up and a few of those rat cakes from the Pied Piper Bakery down the street.                                                      

Let’s mellow out and watch Nine Lives….it’s a mew a minute.