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Fiji, You Blew Us Away

This is a gorgeous beach, Amber.  However, did you find it? 

AMBER:  Well, I was going for a walk with Madi following these cute cabana boycats and we stumbled over it.  I love the sand and I never used them to go potty either. hehe  Anyway, we forgot all about the cabana boycats and grabbed some loungers.                                          

MADI:  You see that yacht out there, well these boycats  got in a dingy and came to the beach and talked with us.  You should see those dudes, Kali.  The big one has fur that just won’t quit and those golden eyes…mew, mew, mew !   They asked us out to the yacht but we were unsure of getting into a situation we might have to swim away from.                                               Ladies I’m off to spend some quality time with Buddy.  Remember we’re dining at 6pm tonight at the Treat Garden so wear something fancy.

Hey Buddy you want to play “tiddly cats”.  All we have to do is flick these plastic cats into a glass.  Wait till I finish off my Cider nip wine.                                     

BUDDY:  Heys. that sounds like goood, good fun.  I like it here with just the twos of us.  Me too Buds…our quality time.

Time to get dressed for our dinner Buddy.  What’s that on the radio?  “Winds are picking up  as Hurricane Simba heads for the island.”

AMBER:  Hey, I feel like a kid sitting so low at the table.  Don’t they have any more grown-up chairs….high chairs even.                                          

MADI:  Buddy, Kali everyone’s looking at you two.

Good we’ll give them something to remember. hehe  Binky, what happened to your head furs?  You look like a native. 

BINKY:  The humidity is working on my furs….I feel silly.  Peeps are pointing at me.

BUDDY: We best get out soon before they announce the last plane is leaving.  C’mon ladies are y’all packed up?

ALI:  Yep, Sarabi, Sasha and Binga ordered room service and did the packing so let’s get rolling.  I just spoke with Sasha on the cell phone, they’re headed to the front door where we can pick them up and the luggage.                               

Look at the beach….it’s gone and the waves….jeesh!  Hope the plane leaves and isn’t grounded.

BUDDY:  Time to think positive ladies…everything will be good, good, good.                                        

BINKY:  Yahoo!  We made it.  Did the captain say this is the last plane leaving Fiji?

BINGA:  He sure did Binky.

CAPTAIN:  We have left the worst area for winds, the rest of the trip should be bumpy so keep those seat belt’s fastened.


Look’s like we did it girly girls.  Ali and Allie are going to make their flight to Egypt in the morning with Cat Scouts, yep fur sure.  That was a trill and a half.

Let’s rest up for a wee while girls.  I know what they mean now by needing a rest after a holiday.  What an experience!



The Cougars Drop In On Fiji

AMBER:  Did I tell you my grandfather sailed to Fiji on a pirate ship? He was brought on board to be a ratter and keep the rats down so they didn’t eat all the food.                                            

Well, Granddad Flips didn’t like the taste of rats.  He said they were a terribly coarse meat and their spiky fur made him sneeze.  Needless to say, he did a rotten job of clearing the rats away so when the pirate ship landed in Fiji, Granddad Flips took off like a firecracker was up his butt.  The pirates were really upset and looking to get rid of the cat cause Granddad Flips was eating more of their food than the rats.                                                               

MADI: How did he survive on this island? Was he welcomed or treated as an interloper?                                         

AMBER:  He loved it in Fiji and even learned the Fijian language. His favourite food was fish and he had a whole ocean full of these delicacies. Granddad Flips was a fun guy mom said and every kitty loved him. However, he had one habit that made him unique. He liked to sleep on his head. See, this is the picture mom gave me of Granddad Flips.

SARABI: Sorry Amber, but your granddad was weird. However, he is fascinating. Whatever happened to him?

AMBER:  I totally agree Sarabi, granddad was an odd character but memorable.  He left Fiji on a cruise ship, cause none of the crew on the ship, saw him sneak aboard.  He got off the ship in the UK and the rest is history.

We’re getting pretty close to the island of Viti Levu.  Look!!                                                       BINGA:  Fiji, here we come!


Wow. it’s so warm here!  There is a slight breeze.  Can you smell the Pacific?  I can, and I smell fishies!

Sasha:  Which way do we go to get our luggage?  They better be gentle with my new suitcase or I’ll play wacky paw with their chin!  Hmpf.

Ali:  Over here.  They’re just sitting here all by themselves.

Nobody’s around so we best just take them.  Come on Buddy can you get us a couple of carts.

BUDDY:  Sure nuff ladies.  I can put 3 suitcases on ebie cartee but youse guys hasta push.  Thar you gos.

I love it here.  Oh, look there’s a makeup store….. duty-free.  We must look on our way home.

BINGA:  What does duty-free mean?  Nobody did their business on it?  You mean they’d sell it with duty all over it?  Yuck!!

MADI:  This is Nadi International Airport and it’s just teeming with bodies.  Let’s get out of here before someone steps on me.  Look there’s our limousine to the hotel.                                        

Thank you so much, Mr. Limo driver. A little something for you my friend. *Kali slips the driver 5 treats and a small nip leaf.* The limo driver has a quizzical look on his face but thanks, Kali and drives away.

Wow, this is cool gals.  We each have a hut of our own.  I booked us for a week.                                        

BUDDY: My own house!! I like dis. I don’t have to share. Mine all mine!

Is anybody in the mood to go swimming?  Nobody!  OK, we’ve been awake all night.  It took 13 hours to get here so let’s have a nap and go sight seeing when we wake up.

SARABI:  Super idea, I’m seeing mice when I close my eyes so I need to chase those mice in my sleep.

The cougars leave for their own huts.

Kali walks into her hut and does a double take.                                           

I didn’t know the ocean was so close. This really is awesome.  She collapses in a lounger on the patio and falls fast asleep.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of the Crotchety Cougars in Fiji.