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Clubhouse Chatter with the Cougars


This place is a mess!  Who’s been flicking marshmallows all around the garbage can?

BINKY:  I can’t tell a lie, it was me.  I had a bet with Madi that whoever can flick even one marshmallow into the garbage can gets the last Vine Wine.                                           

MADI:  I was so close too…just a wee bit more and the wine was mine all mine!                                            We must clean up this place for a fun event that will be happening soon. So let’s get the dishes done and all this clutter put away so we look like we know what we’re doing.                                            KIT:  Ohhh, sounds interesting…..what’s happening, Kali.

Binga, Sabina, Allie, Amber, and Ali come running to see what’s happening.

  Come along ladies and gather round.  I’ll whisper the special event to y’all.  Did you know…whisper, whisper, whisper. hehe

AMBER:  I’ll do some baking for the special occasion and you’ll love it.  If, you don’t love it, don’t tell me, I don’t want to hear it.  I’ll put my paws over my ears and sing the songs of my ancestors and then you’ll be sorry.                                      

Where’s Buddy?  Is he still playing with his peacock feathers from Christmas?                                          

I’s here Kali! This event sunds good, good, good and I am gonna make sure everyone is safe as fudge at a chocolate eaters convention. Dats not what I means, as safe as a lily in a summer garden. Dats it!

Let’s start the preparations!


Stay tuned to find out why the fuss and feathers.