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Binky’s 18th Birthday

Well. you made it, Binky!  You’re 18 today, the same as me meowed Amber.  What fun we’ve had learning when we were younguns and passing along our knowledge to the new younguns now.   They don’t listen the way we did though.  We valued the words of wisdom from our elders.   I can still picture me by my mommas side watching her tell my sis she must keep her fur clean by washing everyday or all her fur would fall out.
I Wash Everyday…..a hearty bath to make sure the furs stay.

Really?  You thought your furs would fall out?                                     

I think your momma was pulling your paw, Amber. No way, I have kept all my furs this way. My sis lost hers! She woke up one day without any fur on her back…..she hadn’t been scrubbing with her rough tongue. You sure your bro didn’t whip out the scissors and give her a kitty cut while she slept. Hmmmm….I never thought of that Binky.

Here are some of the Cougar Angels Binky.  They stopped over to wish you a great Birthday.                                                   



Happy Birthday Binky from all of us….you daughter of a red tulip. You look so pretty and pickable today. mol   Kali, did you bring the glue with you. Well, no Phoebe. We’ll continue with our wreaths when we get home.  We don’t have a time limit in our crafts class.  Mine will say “Come in IF you have treats.”  Oh Kali that’s a good one….Mine will just say…” We don’t want any.”  Referring to the weeds some kitty’s selling.  That’s me Phoebe, and I’m not selling weeds pipes up Lily O,


I’m Giving lily of the valley to you guys to make wreaths.  Lily of the Valley is associated with such things as sweetness, purity and kindness.  A return to happiness….you dip stick.   I finally do something meaningful and nice and you think I’m selling weeds….geez what’s a gal to do!  An angel gal is supposed to laugh and move on, Lily O. Kali whispers.

Well eat my litter says Phoebe.  You can be odd, Lily O.  Just classy and schiek…never odd. I believe its called eccentric! sighs Lily O.                                                   

No, they’re right…..you are a little odd says Kit. Ali agrees but stipulates. ” Aren’t we all a little odd?”                                                                                         
That’s why we are Crotchety Cougars!

We all have unique personalities pipes up Allie.

Let’s show Binky some of the food we got just for her on her birthday.  This here is one of your faves Binky….Sauerkraut and pork hocks says Sasha as she brings out a huge plate of  sauerkraut and pork hocks.                                                       

Careful you don’t fall, Sasha hollers at  Lily O and  “Did  I just see you having a lick of the kippers as you walked by,Binga?”

Who me?  Olivia O…..be quiet….nothing can happen without you putting your opinionated mews in on the subject.  Really, Binga!!  You must loosen up.  Kali jumps in between them and reminds them of Binky’s party. Yes, our first priority is Binky and her 18th birthday pawty.

Next up are these fine fishies.


A special treat caught by Amber:                                                 

Oven baked trout

Kali, what is that new wine from Canada….bring some in for Binky.  The new wine is called Nanaimo Bar wine.  It’s a liqueur.  It would go down great with dessert.         

Buddy shouts above the din of fast mewing voices….”

Shhhh, it’s time for us to honour Binky for her long years accomplished with pride and dignity.


Hey Binky, do you remember the winter that you and I decided to visit Kali in Canada?

MOL…do I ever, Amber….that is one trip that is forever etched in my mind.

Now for your birthday cake,


Sarabi walks into the room carrying a gorgeous Birthday Cake.

Everybody sings Happy Birthday to a wonderfu kitty in the Cougar den.


Crotchety Cougars Win Big Time Part 2

ANGEL LILY OLIVIA:  Look at this ship.  Reminds me of the tales my furry mama would tell us kits about our Uncle Smackabutt.  He was a real ladies man.  He had a she-cat in every port and they all cried whenever he left for another adventure aboard the ship, Loon A Sea.  Mama says he was quite the looker too.  He had whiskers that were long and slender…they drove girlcats wild.  His furs were soft like a baby’s butt.  That’s how he got his name of Smackabutt cause after you touched his furs you just wanted to smack that silky butt.  What a guy!                                                                  

ANGEL KIT:  He sounds like the type of mancat our mom warned us about.  A carefree gigolo that would get us in the family way and then look for better pickins’ elsewhere.  A real rounder!  Figures, you’d have weird kin, Angel Lily O.                                                              

ANGEL LILY O.  I suppose you had hard-working parents and kin!  Nobody interesting in your family, eh, Angel Kit.

ANGEL KALI:  Knock it off you two.  We all have colourful characters in our families.  Now let’s focus on our ship cruise.  What’s the name of this ship?                                                                            

ANGEL PHOEBE: Hey Angel Kali this ship is the best in the Catanna line.                                                                        The ship’s called the Floating Furball.  This ship is huge!

BUDDY: Let’s get changed and have a rousing game of shuffle board. Anyone ready to be beat to a pulp, pulp, pulp with a shuffling board?


SARABI…I am more than ready to take you on, you grey chicky. mol

BUDDY: Who’s youse callin’ a chicky, you little spotted dick? hehe. I made a funny!

SARABI:  I have stripes not spots…oh I see you’re going to call me a striped dick.  You’re odd, Buddy.  I’ll bet you 10 treats and a nip leaf I can beat you at shuffling the board.

BUDDY:  You’re on, Stripes!                                                                        

BINKY:  Wait, Buddy’s not here, yet.  Oh I see, Buddy’s taking the picture.  A bit too much nip and sun. MOL                                                                     

SARABI: Hey, grey chick-hen, we tied. Next time I’ll beat the feathers off you chicky breath.

BUDDY: That’s not gonna happen Stripes. Nyet, nyet and nyet again. My Russian is shining through.

BINGA: Anybody up for Karaoke. I feel a song comin’ on.

SASHA:  My aunt got her husband with karaoke.  She was singin’, “A Cat of Many Colours” when she fell off the stage.  My future uncle had a front table and rushed to help her up.  He was a proud member of the Royal Felines Try First Aid (RFTFA).  My aunt was ok except for some scratches caused by my uncle when he examined her.  He was kinda excited.  The rest is history.                                                                     

ANGEL PHOEBE: What’ll we sing that says it all.

ANGEL KALI: I got it. How about, “I’ve Got a Cougar By The Tail?”

  ♫ I’ve got a cougar by the tail, it’s plain to see;
I won’t be much when you get through’ with me
Well, I’m a losing weight and a turnin’ mighty pale
Looks like I’ve got a cougar by the tail

Well, I thought the day I met you, you were meek as a lamb;
Just the kind to fit my dreams and plans
But now, the pace we’re livin’ takes the wind from my sails
And it looks like I’ve got a cougar by the tail

I’ve got a cougar by the tail, it’s plain to see;
I won’t be much when you get through’ with me
Well, I’m a losing weight and a turnin’ mighty pale
Looks like I’ve got a cougar by the tail

Well, ev’ry night you drag me where the bright lights are found;
There ain’t no way to slow you down
I’m as ’bout as helpless as a leaf in a gale;
And it looks like I’ve got a cougar by the tail

I’ve got a cougar by the tail, it’s plain to see;
I won’t be much when you get through’ with me
Well, I’m a losing weight and a turnin’ mighty pale
Looks like I’ve got a cougar by the tail.♫

Songwriters: Harlan Howard / Buck Owens

ALLIE:  Yeah!!  Here’s to us.


Stay tuned for Part 3 after everyone gargles with Niperine to soothe their crackling mews.

Sunday at the Clubhouse.

Madi got in touch with us earlier to say she received her mousepad and thank me.                                             

I can smell Kali….wow. The old gal smells pretty good.

Now, down to some really fun stuff.  Does everybody know that our own Buddy has got his 18th birthday coming up on the 31 of this month….right, on Wednesday?  Sasha will no longer be the oldest but will have to share the title with Buddy Budd.                                         
It won’t be a surprise party cause mom opened her big mouth when we were visiting Buddy’s house and mentioned the Cougars would be doing something.                                           

We need a theme….any ideas Binky?                                       
C, mon Cougars crowd around and I’ll whisper it to you…psst…sic…hit. Well, what do you think?

Awesome, Binky!!  He’ll love it!                                         
Hahaha…mew, mew….I can just picture his face. It will take him by surprise.

I think it’ll be something he won’t expect either Allie.  We need the required goodies to go with it.  How bout Ali, Binga, and Amber take care of it.  The goodies should fit in with the theme.

Got it Kali.  I’ll look after drinks.                                   

I’ll look after the food with Amber.

Yep, I’ll help you, Ali.

Sasha, Kit, and Sarabi you can check everything and remind us if we forgot something.

I can do that, Kali

OK, Sasha…I’m right behind you and I’ll make sure its done right.

I’ll make sure there is music that’s appropriate says Sarabi.

Finally Madi, can you guide Buddy slowly into the clubhouse. I’ll send a signal while you two are in the garden, OK?

Ok, Cougars let’s shake our booty’s and make this birthday memorable for Buddy.


Intruder Alert: Watch The Skies

LILY OLIVIA: …Girls,  come….there is an alert that someone is sneaking into houses.  He is a ragged looking sort of guy.  He’s up to no good, I say.                                      

AMBER:  What? How does this weird dude get in? I always check the doors and windows before I retire for the night.                                                  

BINKY:  I heard about this fella.  He only breaks into our homes on Christmas Eve.  Some say he comes down the chimney.   What an odd guy.  He eats any cookies and milk that are just lying around in the livingroom.  There’s not even a crumb left.  What a pig!  Does he take things?                                        

KIT: I heard he never takes anything just the cookies and milk. He gets in the house by sliding down the chimney. If, he eats only cookies and milk, he must be fat. He’ll get stuck one of these days. Then he’s headed for the slammer.

MADI: Well, I’m staying up to take his picture. I’ve been doing these Sunday Selfies for years and so I’m good at it if I don’t say so myself. I’ll catch the bum in the act.

I hear him…ready…SNAP.  Got him!!

Well, you’re the intruder we were scared of….crap!