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Sparks of Angels

Annie from McGuffy’s Reader is having Spark’s this Monday.                                        

“I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world!”

This statement is so true and as we get older we realize just how true this is.

ANGEL KIT::  Would you agree with this statement Angel Lily Olivia?                                      

ANGEL LILY OLIVIA:  Of course! The more positive we start the week, the more good we will see in the different situations we face.                                       

We must always value the importance of friends in our day-to-day dealings.  Friends make life amusing and fun.                                   Be safe and may your week be full.

Sparks of Belief

ALLIE: It’s time for Sparks as it’s Monday.  McGuffy’s Reader began this blog hop as a positive way to start the week.                                  

I think this is a great idea because so many things can get us down that we should start the week with happy thoughts.                                          

For example today I saw a BBQ chicken on our counter. No rhyme or reason why it was there….it just was!  Nobody was watching and I could see myself up on the counter partaking of the bird.  Now was the time to strike while the bird was smelling yummy and mom was elsewhere.  I liked the skin….oh man what a taste and the aroma…pretty awesome.  I took a small bite and was driven crazy by the taste.  What a time for mom to appear…cheez it, like quick.  I hopped off the counter while mom’s mouth was moving a mile a minute. mol  Point is I could see myself tasting the bird and I did it.

What can you see yourself doing?

Sparks of ….Feelings

BUDDY:  Ladies let’s do our own positive thought for Sparks Monday.  We’ve never done that before.

BINGA: Great idea Buddy. Something like….”The fish always looks better under glass.” or “If the mouse fits….eat it.”                                           AMBER: mol…I like those Binga but I don’t think they have a positive enough message.                                    

Sasha:  Let’s have Angel Lily Olivia give our Sparks for this Monday.                                               

ANGEL LILY OLIVIA: I am honoured, Buddy and ladies. This is my Sparks for this week.

This is how I feel about every one of you Cougars. Go see what McGuffy’s Reader’s other friends have said about their positive thoughts for the week.