All who enter are forever in our hearts and souls.         This page is devoted to our wonderful members that left for the Rainbow Bridge.  These delightful ladies, full of spunk and vigor, graced our lives for too short a time, leaving an indelible mark on those they touched.

ELLIE SPIEGEHALTER left us before the Cougars even posted their first post.  It was her time to fly.
Ellie was born April 29/2002.
Departure day was July 6/2017
Ellie is survived by her twin sister Allie, a Cougar in very good standing and Raz, her bro.  Of course, her mom, Sharon, has many warm memories of Ellie.                                              
PHOEBE PILCH, the Co-host of The Crotchety Cougars, left us for the Rainbow Bridge in the fall.  She was the rudder that had a steadying influence on us Cougars and especially me.  I was overwhelmed with grief but as Phoebe would have said: “Kali, pull yourself together and make the Crotchety Cougars a fun place for us red hatters.”   So I pulled up my booties and carried on like Phoebe would want me to.                                           
Phoebe is survived by her loving family.  A humongous family that misses her something terrible.  I can still hear Phoebe talking of her Grammie and saying, “I love her so much.”
Phoebe was born July 4, 2002
Departure day was September 25, 2017                                        
LILY OLIVIA BLUE was one of the oldest Cougars at 18 years and may I add, she was very proud of this fact.  Letting the others know how the job should really be done.  Her passing was sudden and unexpected.  She was outspoken, kind and thoughtful of her younger Cougar sisters.                                          
Lily O was also from a huge family. Her family is crushed with her loss. She was always helping her mom on the computer. Lily O. was a great lover of the young and was especially close to the newest member of her family, a young chap by the name of Sawyer. I’m sure she imparted some wisdom to him before she left.
Lily Olivia was born February 28, 1999
Departure day was January 2, 2018

KIT FRUM was from another rather large family.   Kit was a very well-informed kitty and did her utmost to assist those here in the Cougars to be all they could be and let their furs down and meow to the music.  Her presence could not be ignored or she told you about it. mew, mew                                        
Kit was born in the new millennium, the year 2000
Departure day was Feb. 10, 2018                                          

KALI NEILSON, that’s me!  I had chronic health problems for the majority of my life so I developed my interests in the beauty area.  I hated the out of doors when I passed the bird catching phase.  I would run inside at the sight of any bugs.  Shoko was my sister and buddy.  I am now free to do anything I want without pain.  Friends this is not goodbye but….”See ya later so till then.”

Kali was born May 10, 2002
Departure Day Feb. 27, 2018                                              

MADI UPCHURCH was personality plus to the Cougars. Need a cool idea call Madi.  Remedies for any situation were Madi’s forte.  Known for her leaping abilities, Madi would do her best thinking and conniving while planning a jump from counter to counter. She was outspoken and truthful…..well most times.                                                            

Madi will be remembered in many ways but at Crotchety Cougars her generosity and good spirit will remain forever.

Madi was born March 11,  2002
Departure Day September 13, 2018                                                                          



9 thoughts on “OUR COUGAR ANGELS

  1. cecilia07

    Jean this is so sweet and thoughtful. I think it looks very pretty and I love the wee red Crotchety cougar hat with the halo.
    Well done my friend
    Cecilia and Madi


  2. onespoiledcat

    I just love the Angel page……Teddy knows that we learn a lot from our Angels – they are the teachers, the leaders, the ones who paved the way……..and they have left their mark HERE and continue to make their mark at the Rainbow Bridge! This is a lovely tribute to all their beautiful hearts and souls.

    Hugs, Pam


  3. cecilia upchurch

    Dear Jean…I’m am so very touched by the Memory Lane posts for all the Crotchety Cougar Angels. My goodness me you have done a beautiful job on each of them with the descriptions and folks will find it hard to believe they are crotchety. Madi was honored to be asked to join this distinguished group of Felines…and it warms my heart to know OTRB down memory lane…she is among friends.
    With love and many thank yous
    Cecilia and Bryan proud to have been parents to a Crotchety Cougar.



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