Crotchety Cougars Showing Their Talent


Hi there ladies.  Would you welcome our newest member, Kit from Brian’s Home blog.                                                              We have yet to get Kit’s picture with her red hat but as soon as she gets the picture done, we will post it.

Let’s do a roll call…

……………………BINGA………..RIGHT ON. KALI
……………………SARABI……….*YAWN*, HERE, KALI
……………………ALI………….I’M HERE, KALI DEAR
……………………SASHA………..HERE MY DEAR
……………………KIT………….YA, I’M STILL HERE

I have a favourite movie…..GONE WITH THE WIND.  Let’s all take a role and give the movie our best.

Do you think anyone can tell the difference between the peep actresses and us?

Starring:                                                  Kit as the faithful Melanie Wilkes and Binga as the beautiful but spoiled Scarlett Ohara.                                                             Our one and only Lily Olivia as Belle.  The famous tart of the East Coast.

Ali crushes the role as Aunt PittyPat.                                                   
It seems Sasha does an excellent job of acting spoiled out of her fur.

Allie was horrified to think she might have to help Melanie with her kitting.

Madi’s portrayal of Mammy showing off her crinkly undergarment brought the house down. A superb performance or is Madi a secret showgirl?

We applaud the efforts of all our Cougars.


How did you like the performance friends?




Our Lady Has Left Us

Phoebe has left us, ladies.  She has gone to join our other friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  It is a sad day for Blogville and for us, Crotchety Cougars.  I hang my head in sorrow for my lost buddy.                                                          
Wait, Phoebe wouldn’t want to see us feeling sorry for ourselves and weeping…, she would want us to kick some butt!  That sounds like our Phoebes.

I don’t feel like kicking butt Phoebes but for you, we will hold our heads high and honour you as a true Crotchety gal.  A beautiful gal who tells it like it is.                                                   
Everyone please let Ellen of 15 and Meowing know how much you support her and her family through this devastating time.

Ladies for Phoebe….let’s yell out our motto with feeling.


PROUD TO BE CROTCHETY                                                       

Urgent, Phoebe Needs Us

Firstly, Phoebe has Stage 4 Kidney Failure and needs to be fed with a syringe every few hours,  This is our Co-Creator….our lady.  She needs us…we are here for her.                                                

We must help with the POTP for her. We don’t want her in pain or unhappy. So Ladies…now, is the time to pitch in and throw those purrs over to Phoebe.

We love you Phoebe with all our feisty little hearts.

Everyone…say a few words to the Phoebe’s, you know the words.  Take it away Madi…

Phoebe in your honour we yell out our motto:

PROUD TO BE CROTCHETY!                                             

Decisions, Decisions

Hey Phoebe, what do you want to do with the group this month?  We can go to Bingo….I hear Binga’s really into Bingo and she wins like crazy.                                               

No, not if she’s going to win all the time…what’s the fun in that?  I don’t just want to look at Binga winning everything and we all lose.  Can we go without her?                                                   

I don’t think so Phoebe, we’re a group so what we do, we should do together.

PHOEBE:  This sucks!

KALI:  We could go visit with some children.

I don’t like kittens.  They’re loud and smelly.  They bite and claw.  They’re disgusting things.

Yuck, I know where you’re coming from Phoebe.  I don’t much care for kittens either.  I was mewing about children….human ones in the hospital, sick ones.  They need a change and you got to admit we are different.  It’ll give them something else to think about.

I like it, Kali.  As long as the hairless ones don’t pull our tails!  What do the rest of the Cougars think?

Let us know and we’ll plan our outing gals.

Why Madi Is Proud to be Crotchety

Many years ago one of our very first blogging friends was a great big Newfie named Remington.  Remi’s and his mom were veryveryvery (to infinity) dear friends.  His Mom was also a very, very talented fiber artist. She told mom about how she would save Remington’s hair when she brushed him. When she had enough she spun it into yarn for knitting or crocheting.  Mom was very interested. She told mom to start saving my furs.  For a year, Mom brushed, and brushed, until I was certain I would become hairless. Even though I liked to be brushed sometimes I was a wee bit crotchety. Every month mom would send a zip lock bag of my furs to Remi’s mom.

 After 9 months, she mixed some of Remi’s longer furs in with my short ones to make it stronger and ….My friends, below the gray ball of yarn you see, IS Madi fur spun into yarn…What you see below is 70 yards of yarn. The majority is my fur with a little colored wool mixed in it, I knew it smelled familiar!!!! MOL  Below you will see attached to items mom made with my furs.                                                            

Mom bought 2 skeins over very pretty mingled blue yarn too.

She got her crocheting fingers all limbered up and went to work.                                                      She used the mingled blue yarn to crochet herself a scarf the two dark gray rows are my furs.Then she had enough of my fur yarn leftover to mix in with other similar colors to make me a mini afghan.

Sometimes she crocheted so much it made me crotchety because I had to get in her face to remind her that HEY  you need to feed me or HEY you need to write my blog.

So as you can see I earned my Proud to Be Crotchety title a long time ago

Proud to be Crotchety Madi

The Cougars Gather For Tea


KALI:  How was your trip up here Lily Olivia?

LILY OLIVIA;  Pretty good…that flying carpet is fast but the wind will knock you over,  Lucky you got seat belts.

KALI:  I insisted on them.  One can never be too careful, I always say.

Madi..I thought the carpet was kinda slow…like it needed a good vacuuming.  Or maybe it was Binga slowing the carpet down.  Have you put on a few pounds there, Binga? MOL

BINGA:  How dare you, you, white-legged piece of fur!

MADI:  Who’s this chap on the arbor?  Hubba, hubba.

KALI: That’s Cow Kitty…he likes to visit us.

MADI: He’s a real looker with those black and white marks. I must go mew with him.

PHOEBE: Work it, Madi, work it!  That’s it….own it.

MADI:  Well, hello there, big boy.  How’s it hangin’?

COW KITTY:  How’s what hangin’?  I don’t understand.

MADI:  Ah…how’s your fur hangin’ *rolls eyes*?

COW KITTY:  It’s dang hot with all this fuzz…I’m not impressed.  I thought it was an insulator against the real hot…not likely!

MADI:  Perhaps I’m the reason you’re so warm.

COW KITTY:  Why?  What did you do to me?

MADI:  You’re under my spell.  Feel it!

COW KITTY:  What are you doin’ casting spells on me!  Get away….you’re old enough to be my grandmother.

SARABI:  C’mon Madi let’s have our tea.  You’ll feel better after a cuppa.                                                           


ALI:  What a spread. Can I pour a cuppa for you Madi? Whoops, sorry. I didn’t splash the hot tea on you did I? I’m so sorry Madi! Here’s a bib…it has some cat nip on it.

MADI: Thanks, Ali, I know you didn’t mean to spill the tea.

COW KITTY:  Somebody here has my favourite perfume on…is it you Madi?   Do you mind if I cuddle with you??

MADI:  I thought I was grandmother material…

COW KITTY:  Oh no…..let me sniff you my sweets.

This is a glimpse at the Crotchety Cougars tea party.

Join us next month for another glimpse at the Crotchety Cougars in action.