The Draw Has Been…well….Drawn!

Well, here we are about to choose the winners for The Crotchety Cougars mouse pad.

Good luck to all the participants.                                          

Dad randomly chose the winners.

The visitor winner is TA DA…Crystal Stewart
The Cougar winner is Ta Da… Madi

Congratulations ladies. Mom will contact the winners by e-mail and have your mouse pads sent out right away. Maybe later today.


The Cougars Have a Giveaway

KALI: MOL…mew, mew….Madi that tickles get that fishbone away from my paws.                                           

MADI:  Aww…c’mon Kali……tickle, tickle…..

MEW, MEW….stop, I have some exciting news to tell everyone.                                                 

KIT: She’s just saying that cause she wants you to stop. Tickle her till she hisses for relief. MOL

KALI:  No, really I want to announce our two giveaways. In the first giveaway, it is only open for the Cougars and security. The other giveaway is open to all our visitors regardless of where you live. There is just one rule….you must post a comment.

The giveaway is a mouse pad of us Cougars.  Don’t we look awesome?

So leave a comment.  The winners will be chosen randomly by dad from mom’s small cooking pot that looks like a bedchamber pot. MOL                                                  

Mom will have the post up until the morning of  Wednesday the 17th of January. On Wednesday afternoon mom will get in touch with the winners by e-mail so make sure we have your address. Good luck!!                                        


HEY THERE…DOWN HERE……Kit is not doing well and needs some purrs from her friends and visitors. Drop in and say, “Hi you ole Skalywag.” Her address is https:

Let’s Party Hardy

Here we are at the clubhouse.  Hope everybody is ready for the surprise party.  *Kali opens the door and walks inside.*                                  

Wow, what a fine job of decorating.

SARABI:  Of course, we’ve had lots of experience at partying. mew.

What are you and Binga doing, Madi?

We’re having a game of Tiddlytreats. The idea is to get the treat in the cup by using a fish bone to push down on the treat and propel the treat into the cup. It’s not easy.                                           

BINGA:  When we get a treat in the cup we get to eat it.

AMBER: Cool game girls. I see the guest of honour heading this way. Quick everyone hide….you too Buddy.                                             

Okey Dokey, watch out ladies, I need lotsa rooms to hide.

Into the Clubhouse walks Sasha.

Buddy and the ladies leap out yelling HAPPY 18th. BIRTHDAY, SASHA!

SASHA:  Leapin Lizards, you scared the crap outta me!  Which reminds me did I ever tell you about my Uncle Herbie?  Well, he was just going to cross the street one day and Auntie Harriet yelled at him to be careful of the cars.  He was so shocked by her yelling that he fell to his knees.

KIT:  You mean he died because she scared him so much?                                              

SASHA:  No, because a horse and carriage came along and the horse kicked Uncle Herbie in the head. mew

SASHA:  Whew!  Look at this place, it’s like royalty is visiting.

ALI:  It’s for you, Sasha.  You are our queen for the day.  How does it feel to be 18?  Are you achier than yesterday?                                           

SASHA: Mew, mew….you know, I think I am.  I should sit before I fall down.

MADI:  Kali and her mom baked some goodies for us to celebrate your special day.                                           

 Mom calls these pawpuffins…they sorta puffed when they weren’t supposed to and look like muffins. MOL

ALLIE:  I brought some Vine Wine that was in the back room of the clubhouse.

A toast to our Birthday gal. *Buddy and the gals each grab a bowl of Vine Wine and salute Sasha.*

Sasha: Oh my ladies, this is so special, I am touched deeply.

BINKY: Tell us something very wise, Sasha?

Hmmm, something wise, eh? “The Universal sound for peace is a cat’s purr.” How’s that?

SARABI: Excellent…we all believe that’s true.
Here’s the wonderful cake Angel Phoebe’s mom made for you, Sasha.

SASHA: My kit lit but it is beautiful!!  *Sasha blows out all 18 candles.* It would be a shame to cut into it but what the heck here let’s take a picture and then eat it. Everyone got some cake….dig in…mew. mew.

BINKY: Here are some cupcakes we can take home with us. Granny made them and sent me through the Euro-tunnel when they were still hot.

SASHA: What game are you playing Binga?
BINGA: Tiddlytreats
SASHA: I played that before. I’d skip the game and just eat the treats….Mew, Mew.

BUDDY:  Sasha can I talk to you?

SASHA: Sure Buddy, what is it?
BUDDY:  The gals really did up the party for you but I’s wanted to do something way special for you from me to mark your big ole 18th birthday so I’s made a card just for you. I hope you likes it.

Buddy!! I love it! How nice of you.  Thank you so much.  *Sasha gives Buddy a big hug.*                                         

Clubhouse Chatter with the Cougars


This place is a mess!  Who’s been flicking marshmallows all around the garbage can?

BINKY:  I can’t tell a lie, it was me.  I had a bet with Madi that whoever can flick even one marshmallow into the garbage can gets the last Vine Wine.                                           

MADI:  I was so close too…just a wee bit more and the wine was mine all mine!                                            We must clean up this place for a fun event that will be happening soon. So let’s get the dishes done and all this clutter put away so we look like we know what we’re doing.                                            KIT:  Ohhh, sounds interesting…..what’s happening, Kali.

Binga, Sabina, Allie, Amber, and Ali come running to see what’s happening.

  Come along ladies and gather round.  I’ll whisper the special event to y’all.  Did you know…whisper, whisper, whisper. hehe

AMBER:  I’ll do some baking for the special occasion and you’ll love it.  If, you don’t love it, don’t tell me, I don’t want to hear it.  I’ll put my paws over my ears and sing the songs of my ancestors and then you’ll be sorry.                                      

Where’s Buddy?  Is he still playing with his peacock feathers from Christmas?                                          

I’s here Kali! This event sunds good, good, good and I am gonna make sure everyone is safe as fudge at a chocolate eaters convention. Dats not what I means, as safe as a lily in a summer garden. Dats it!

Let’s start the preparations!


Stay tuned to find out why the fuss and feathers.                                               

See Ya Later Lily Oliva

Cougars….it is my sad duty to inform you that Lily Olivia passed away this morning.  Yes, that rambunctious and outspoken sister has left us for the Bridge.                                      

There is a lone red Hat that was Lily Olivia’s.  This hat holds a special place of honour in our clubhouse.                                            

You helped make up the fabric of Crotchety Cougars, Lily Olivia.

Intruder Alert: Watch The Skies

LILY OLIVIA: …Girls,  come….there is an alert that someone is sneaking into houses.  He is a ragged looking sort of guy.  He’s up to no good, I say.                                      

AMBER:  What? How does this weird dude get in? I always check the doors and windows before I retire for the night.                                                  

BINKY:  I heard about this fella.  He only breaks into our homes on Christmas Eve.  Some say he comes down the chimney.   What an odd guy.  He eats any cookies and milk that are just lying around in the livingroom.  There’s not even a crumb left.  What a pig!  Does he take things?                                        

KIT: I heard he never takes anything just the cookies and milk. He gets in the house by sliding down the chimney. If, he eats only cookies and milk, he must be fat. He’ll get stuck one of these days. Then he’s headed for the slammer.

MADI: Well, I’m staying up to take his picture. I’ve been doing these Sunday Selfies for years and so I’m good at it if I don’t say so myself. I’ll catch the bum in the act.

I hear him…ready…SNAP.  Got him!!

Well, you’re the intruder we were scared of….crap!



Baby The snowballs must Fly…*splat*

This post is dedicated to our security supervisor, Buddy.  He has had a hard time with Vestibular Disease Click on the term to learn more about it.

Buddy:  C’mon da Shoks, let’s give those gals a whomping with the snowballs and we can dance the “Snowball Hop” while pitchin’ dem.                   

Simba:  What the…balls of the snow kind..alright who the devil is….hey it’s Buddy and Shoko!  Bring it on…you two furballs. MOL

Sasha:  I can dance like that….lalala..ow, ow!  Something slipped.  Allie:  It was you that slipped Sasha.

Kit:  Is she ok Binga?  Binga:  Looks like she twisted her ankle while dancing.  She just needs to rest it and have several Mint Junips. mol Sasha:  I can do that ladies.   Ali:  Come hobble over to Kali’s house and we’ll start the partying.