The Cougars Have a Giveaway

KALI: MOL…mew, mew….Madi that tickles get that fishbone away from my paws.                                           

MADI:  Aww…c’mon Kali……tickle, tickle…..

MEW, MEW….stop, I have some exciting news to tell everyone.                                                 

KIT: She’s just saying that cause she wants you to stop. Tickle her till she hisses for relief. MOL

KALI:  No, really I want to announce our two giveaways. In the first giveaway, it is only open for the Cougars and security. The other giveaway is open to all our visitors regardless of where you live. There is just one rule….you must post a comment.

The giveaway is a mouse pad of us Cougars.  Don’t we look awesome?

So leave a comment.  The winners will be chosen randomly by dad from mom’s small cooking pot that looks like a bedchamber pot. MOL                                                  

Mom will have the post up until the morning of  Wednesday the 17th of January. On Wednesday afternoon mom will get in touch with the winners by e-mail so make sure we have your address. Good luck!!                                        


HEY THERE…DOWN HERE……Kit is not doing well and needs some purrs from her friends and visitors. Drop in and say, “Hi you ole Skalywag.” Her address is https:


27 thoughts on “The Cougars Have a Giveaway

  1. cecilia07

    Golly gee it is hard to be crotchety when there are such nice things like this give away going on.
    Hugs and proud to be just a wee bit crotchety

    Liked by 1 person

  2. angelswhisper2011

    Here I am…right in time, I hope 😀 That mouse pad looks just pawsome! and Buddy Budd in front of us…that’s so….awww… *dreamy eyes* Good Luck Pawkisses to all the girls and boy…s… 😀 Healing Pawkisses for Kit are on the way too ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person


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