Madi Remembered with Laughs and Love

We’re here to remember and laugh over Madi’s  life.  Madi left us on September the 13th.  She moved on to the Rainbow Bridge where so many of our friends wait for their human buddies.  Me, I can’t imagine Madi with wings.  She was too much of a fly by the fur on her butt cat.                                                       

Madi’s motto should have been…”Anything is possible!”

KALI:  I remember Madi visiting me at home and helping make a snowman.  Madi didn’t want a normal snowman…no, not Madi.  She wanted a snowman standing on its head. mol                                                           

BINKY:  I will never forget Madi in our version of the play, Gone With the Wind.                                                   

Madi played Mammy with her noisy crinkling slip.  She made it crinkle all the more cause it was noisy and loud.

ALLIE:  Remember Madi’s 16th Birthday tea party.  She received a lovely cake which I felt belonged on her head.                                                          

Madi looks perfect.  Her hat is red which is her favourite colour.

AMBER:  There are so many things Madi did that were so memorable that we can’t possibly mention them all.  One of the latest was her winning a lifetime cruise for all the Crotchety Cougars.                                                                       

We all became seafaring Cougars thanks to Madi.

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17 thoughts on “Madi Remembered with Laughs and Love

  1. cecilia upchurch

    Dearest Crotchety Cougar friends. We did have such fun in spite of our name.
    OMCs we loved the snowman doing head stand for sure you were right nothing normal here just crazy.
    Loads of love and hugs Angel Madi your bfffffffffffffffff who was proudly crotchety

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kittiesblue

    Those of us Cougars already at the Bridge were happy to see party girl, Madi. We know she’ll be planning lots of parties, and we all will be having oodles of fun. We know everyone who she has left behind miss her terribly, but I promise that we all will be together again. Love, Lily Olivia


  3. angelswhisper2011

    We love the memories of this special Lady and one day we will see the snowman standing straight, when we’re all together again and looking down to it👼Pawkisses for a Happy Day to all of you my Cougar furriends and the Angels up there🐾😽💞💖



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